Posted by billywoo222
Oct 22, 2018

Billy Woo

I have heard many say that they invented Pai Gow Poker As played in Nevada and elsewhere I never said that I invented Pai Gow Poker BUT as played with a House Bank and allowing other players to take the Bank is the invention of myself. It is played as NEVADA STYLE PAI GOW POKER My name is Bill Walsh Sr and I was a shift manager at the Desert Inn in 1985. It just pisses me off when I see that others are claiming to have invented this style of the game. Right is right and a liar is never right. Hope all is well with everyone.
And my best to all


BaccaratKid Oct 22, 2018

I'd like to find the guy who invented that rigged-ass shuffler w/RNG where, whenever I bank I get lowest or 2nd lowest hand at the table. Where's THAT guy?