Posted by AnnaPokerGirl
Apr 14, 2022

Poker A Beginner's Guide to Playing Poker Online

Here some tips i found about Poker for beginner like me :

Play Poker Online means playing poker on the internet. Currently, you are connected to the game server via the internet. Online/Internet Poker games are played between a minimum of two people and a maximum of 10 at one table. However, in big tournaments, thousands of people play together at hundreds of tables. This tournament is known as a multi -table tournament.

If you want to train your gaming skills, then you can play with fun money or free money but if you want to play real money games, then you need to make real money deposits using the deposit options as stated on the poker website. After making a deposit, you need to log in in the game lobby with your user ID and password. Now you can simply choose the poker game of your choice, join the table and start playing.

Hopefully the above tips can help you a little in improving your Poker skills.


odiousgambit Apr 15, 2022

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AnnaPokerGirl Apr 22, 2022

Well you can follow this strategy if you want but if you don't like it just ignore it my friends.

Thanks for your comment but please no bad words bro :)

OnceDear Jun 24, 2022

OdiousGambit, It's taken me two months to spot this personal insult buried in Anna's blog comments.

For that I apologise to all parties.

Though Anna's posts do have a suspicious style, she has not posted any spam links. Until she does, she remains a member in good standing and should be respected as one.

ODG. Suspension 3 days for personal insult.

Posted by AnnaPokerGirl
Apr 06, 2022

New Player here

Hi Guys! New Player here. Hope we can get along!

I hope i can get more tips about Texas Hold'em game here in more details especially the strategy to play more professional!



odiousgambit Apr 06, 2022

the ladies get lots of attention here, so you are forewarned m'lady

I sometimes blog about Ultimate Texas Holdem, casino table game ... do you mean that or the game in the poker room?