Posted by alp
May 12, 2015

3 Card Poker plays differently in Poker Room

Recently our local poker room (Florida) has added 3 Card Poker. Now I'm familiar with the standard game's payouts, play and the advise and odds of the Wizard. My question is this: the game is "played" by Poker Rules where I'm at and was wondering how much more or less is the player at risk?
The "Pairs Plus" odds (which I know is a bad bet) : Pairs 1:1, Flush 4:1, Straight 6:1, 3 of a Kind 30:1, Straight Flush 50:1, Mini Royal 200:1.
First, there are NO ANTE bet Bonus PAYOUTS. Now due to the "Poker Rules", If dealer has a higher hand than player, then it's considered a loss ON a Pairs Plus wager. Also if Dealer and Player both have .. a rainbow straight (4,5,6 for example) it's considered a WIN not a PUSH (because if a Hold'em Board had a 5 card straight on the table, pot would be split amongst remaining players in the hand if either player couldn't beat the board). As you can imagine at 200:1 Royal induces Pairs Plus wagers. You lose out on NO ANTE Bonus wagers and when you have KK and Dealer has AA, you'd also loose the Pairs Plus wager (besides your ANTE and PLAY wagers). The good thing, they're $5 tables. So how badly is the player disadvantaged? Several Royals have been dealt in a short period of time and at 200 to 1, yes, you are a hero, LOL! SO ... If you play only the ANTE, your only losing the ANTE bonus payouts BUT then getting paid on ties. If you play the Pairs Plus also, your losing when dealer has higher hand BUT at Straight Flush and Royal payouts amounts .... can this possibly compensate the player's edge that I have to believe is worst than standard game?
Thanks to whomever can provide information.


miplet May 13, 2015

I answered your question here.