Posted by RogerKint
Aug 17, 2012

4k Royal!

"Come on, come on, let me take your photograph." - The Speedies

Yesterday I hit a dealt royal on $1 9/6 Jacks at a tribal casino here in SoCal. The cards came up held already and the victory tune started playing. I always had day dreams/nightmares about getting dealt a royal when some jokester friend comes and presses draw before I can hold the cards. I never knew they came up held already. Long story short I cashed out at $4500 profit in 4 hours of play. This morning at the same machine I earned $1,000 profit in 4 hours. It's nice to experience positive variance in the beginning of a theoretically positive play. I'm sure I'll lose it all back in the next few weeks but it is fun to be in the black for a little while.

I know, I know "nudes or it didn't happen". My 10 year old cell phone doesn't have photo capabilities so I'm waiting on one to be emailed from the hand-pay people. They all had a good time pointing and laughing at my phone "well now you can get a new phone with your 4k hurhurhur."


Ibeatyouraces Aug 17, 2012

Welcome to the "Dealt Royal" club! I got mine earlier this year on $0.25 spin poker with max bet so in essence I had 9 royals for $9000. I had pics on my old phone too. Since then I can't even count how many I've had. The most recent was last week on $1.00 spin poker max bet. Dealt 4 to a royal and pulled the 5th card for another $12,000 JP. Teddys was playing next to me and witnessed it.

Continued success for you.

RaleighCraps Aug 17, 2012

Congrats on a nice hit!

Ibeatyouraces Aug 18, 2012

Even though the amount was higher, there is nothing comparable to getting it dealt to you.

BTW, the machines "lock up" when you get dealt one. When I got mine, I went to hit the hold buttons but didn't need to.

Juyemura Aug 18, 2012

Are you buying a new phone with your winnings?

bigfoot66 Aug 18, 2012

Which casino Roger?

RogerKint Aug 18, 2012

I will NOT be getting a new phone and it looks like I won't be getting that photo either.

teddys Aug 18, 2012

I have hit one $4K royal before, but I almost never play dollars anymore unless the play is super-good. It's a bankroll killer. But nice way to start out!

RogerKint Aug 18, 2012

Ibeatyouraces, it's interesting how many forum members here have stories of amazingly good fortune when Teddys is around...including the Wizard himself if I'm not mistaken.

JamieV Aug 18, 2012

Roger, which casino in SoCal did you win at?

teddys Sep 09, 2012

Yeah, the good luck bounces right out of me and onto other people. Someday, though, I will hit that multiline dealt royal or win a slot tournament $6K. Darn you, Roger! :)

Posted by RogerKint
Jun 18, 2012

Cliche first royal story

On Thursday I decided to play the Palms' slot rebate. Taking the advice from my gambling mentor to "go big or go home" I played a machine in the high limit room. I wandered around the high limit room for a few minutes all sweaty palmed waiting for a machine to call out to me. The machine I decided to play was a double diamond machine at $50 per spin. It took about five seconds for this machine to rape me (without giving me a kiss) and I promptly returned back to the players club with my tail between my legs. My girlfriend thought this was funny and on the long walk back to the players club she kept calling out to strangers out of earshot "hey, if you guys wanna see a real life dumb ass, here's one!". When I got to the booth to receive my $300 in free slot play the players club employee questioned whether I really lost $1,000 so quickly and wanted to verify that I didn't actually sign up the day before. When she gave me my free slot play she said "Whatever you do don't play it on whatever the hell machine you lost your money on so quickly". I'm glad everyone was enjoying my defeat.

My plan was to run the free play through the 2c 50 play 9/6 JoB and get out of dodge but of course they were all taken. After waiting a few minutes and complaining about how this always happens to me, I decided to go with plan B which was the 25c 10 play 9/6 JoB by the cashier. As I was almost finished with the free play I ordered a drink to calm my nerves. Of course the cocktail waitress took forever and even though I was done with the free play I figured "what the hell" and played a few more spins. I've learned from stories of royal flushes that the first step to hitting a royal is to play longer than one should and to choose a very slow cocktail waitress. Threw away the small pair for three to a royal and there it was! I got raped and then got my royal flush cherry popped.


bigfoot66 Jun 18, 2012

nice! keep it up!

Tiltpoul Jun 18, 2012

Congrats on the Royal Flush. I hit a Royal at the Palms while I waited for a very slow cocktail waitress myself. I was up about $50 then stayed and ended up down to my last $5. Held four to the royal, and BAM! $1005. I cashed out immediately.

As far as holding a big check, I'm totally against doing that for myself. When I hit the Royal Flush on UTH on my birthday at Southland in Arkansas, they asked if I wanted to do it; they really wanted me to. I said no, and held my ground.

teddys Jun 18, 2012

Congrats on the tourney win! That's more impressive than the royal. You seem to do well on promotions...

RogerKint Jun 22, 2012

You're right Teddy's my "luck" has been good so far, especially since the drawing you were there for was the first drawing I ever entered.

Posted by RogerKint
May 18, 2012

I hate my life!!!!

"Girlfriend in a coma, I know I know it's serious. There were times that I could have murdered her, but you know I would hate anything to happen to her" - The Smiths

It has been about 6 months since I switched from playing live poker to playing strictly video poker and video blackjack. In that six months I have played approximately 30,000 hands of only full pay video poker. Before I started playing I learned The Wizard's intermediate strategy for 9/6 JoB and studied vpfree2 for the best places to play. Coming from a background in investing I completely agree with the Wizard's tagline "it's not whether you win or lose; it's whether you had a good bet." So far I know I'm lucky to be breaking even when considering rooms, drawings, free slot play, food, drinks etc.

My girlfriend doesn't know why he calls himself the Wizard "because he does not believe in 'magic". She's one of these people who talks to the machine she's playing "come oooooooooooon jacky!", has no interest in learning any type of basic strategy in blackjack or video poker and does not care if she is playing a full pay machine or not. She really believes in magic. She has only played approximately 1000 hands of video poker. Well she texts me this morning to let me know she hit a $1,000 royal flush at our local indian casino. It was not a full pay machine. She was playing a 3 play 25c machine, max coin when her bankroll is only about 200 dollars. Life is just not fair. Was I a baby rapist or something in a past life???!!!!


TIMSPEED May 18, 2012

Winning is 50% stategy, 50% luck...although sometimes I think it's more like 49/51...haha (or 1/99, right? LOL)

Just be glad she hit a royal...and be glad you're not single!

rdw4potus May 18, 2012

Some thoughts:

1. If it's a haunting, you may be cured. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for the foreseeable future, so you may be freed now:-)

2. If it's karma, you may be screwed. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head...and for that you will PAAAAYYYYYY.

3. If she's just lucky, at least you're together.

4. It could have been worse, at least it wasn't a dealt royal.

teddys May 18, 2012


odiousgambit May 19, 2012

at least she plays video poker and not slots

RogerKint May 19, 2012

Laugh it up Teddys! lol You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

OG, sometimes I wonder if not even playing a beginner strategy on video poker is even worse than playing slots. She does most play slots though.

Her new thing now is "excuse me, raise your hand if you hit a Royal Flush".

DJTeddyBear May 21, 2012

>> Her new thing now is "excuse me, raise your hand if you hit a Royal Flush".

Yeah, you were a bad person in a past life.

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head, and mutter something under your breath. Or just smile and nod....

Posted by RogerKint
Apr 11, 2012

Vegas this weekend!!!! (10x points at Club Fortune Casino?)

So I decided last minute to accept a mailer for 3 nights (Thurs-Sun) and free entry into a slot tournament at The Plaza. I have no clue what the value of the slot tournament is because I'm not sure how many people are playing. I would guess about 200 played in the last one and it's a $25,000 prize pool with some of that being in free slot play. Throughout the weekend players can receive entries into a drawing based on their slot play. I planned to play almost exclusively at Club Fortune Casino this weekend because it is 10x points Fri and Sat (Does anyone know if these points are only available on slot machines and short-pay vp?). I can't decide if I should be playing for entries into the drawing instead. The average prize in the drawing is about 200 in free slot play. It should be a good time either way...can't wait for the beer at MSS and the pizza at 4 Queens!


teddys Apr 11, 2012

I think you should go for the Plaza drawing. Club Fortune is a good play but their good VP machines are often locked up with pros all day. (Last time I checked the 10x was good for everything).

I should check on my LVC/Plaza mailers...

ten2win Apr 11, 2012

Where or what is this Club Fortune?

NicksGamingStuff Apr 12, 2012

Come visit me at the D, I will be there after 8pm Thur, Sat, Sun.

RogerKint Apr 12, 2012

Thanks for the invite, Nick. I used to play there a lot when they had that good Spanish 21 game, too bad they took it out. I will try to swing by tonight for a little blackjack.