Posted by RightMath
Mar 07, 2018


So you do not think there is any way to win at gambling. If you do your math right, as everyone does. You will find no way to ever win at gambling in the long run. Sadly that is not true. You simply have to do the "RightMath". Doing the "math right" does not work, but doing the "RightMath" does work. When something is real simple. It makes you wonder how so many people could miss it. How many hints did the person who invented the wheel get? Before making a wheel. That is where I am. Winning at gambling is so simple, Even one hint could give it away.

Short story: My college math Professor proved gambling was a waist of time. I believed him. Never took gambling seriously. I learned the Craps field was unbeatable. Challenge accepted. Gave up. Along comes Binary Options. Used my gambling knowledge on Binary Options, Great success. Tested my Binary Options system on the field, It worked . Made a few adjustments. Bought WinCrapsClassic to test. Literally 100% success.
Come out ahead no matter what the house advantage is. I have come out ahead even when the house had a ten percent advantage. So can you.
Imagine that. My colledge math professor was wrong. Of course so was everyone else. So do the math right and you lose. Do the RightMath
and you win.

This is however my problem:
Would like 200,000 to one Billion rolls to run tests on. Want someone Else's rolls so there would be no question of tampering. My other time consuming problem is. Would like to find time to rank the dozen or more variations in order of the most successful.

All my systems fit the table limits. 1chip to 100 chips. Bank rolls from 250 chips. Point of never having a loss, Less than a 1000 rolls. The only reason you will ever have a losing session is if you leave before the session is finished. Since we all know Dice have no memory. Just pick up where you left off. Your bankroll will increase. Once you are up a few hundred there will be no looking back.

------Is this you?------
Do something you know does not work.
Learn that someone can teach you how to make it work.
Do not buy the training, because you know it will not work.
Continue doing what you know does not work.
Because you know how it works.
-- Who said "the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results
-- It's not stupidity, it's insanity,and it was Albert Einstein.
It was only a matter of time before what I discovered was discovered. I am sure my discovery
will eventually be duplicated. In the mean time. I have a rough decision.
1) Give away my discovery.
2) Try and sell it.

I designed my system to work on Binary Options. Tested that system on the Craps field.
I now have two systems. One for Binary Options. One for the Craps Field.
They are both easily adapted to what ever you want to gamble on. Now what?


standbymyman Mar 08, 2018

How much?

OnceDear Mar 08, 2018

Why are you here, Rightmath?

Do you require assistance, data, or are you here to boast. Your article response and personal messages seem to be cut and post replicas of this blog post. Why is that?

You do realise that analysing x billion craps rolls and building a system of play around that is generally seen as 'painting the target where the most arrows landed'?

beachbumbabs Mar 08, 2018

Well, you don't seem to be giving it away, and you've spammed numerous members with your nonsense, so I take it we're on Number 2, above, which is about what your system is worth.

System selling is cause for immediate banning, nuclear option. See ya.

FleaStiff Mar 09, 2018

Yeah,,, a "waist" of time for sure.

I laughed at that "if you do your math right, as everyone does,".... If my math is right, its usually because I did it on my right hand.

FleaStiff Mar 09, 2018

Yeah,,, a "waist" of time for sure.

I laughed at that "if you do your math right, as everyone does,".... If my math is right, its usually because I did it on my right hand.