Posted by Moneygalore4
Jun 07, 2012

Win big and brag

I have been playing the lottery for several years now and have won large amounts of cash, but I wasn't always a big winner until I studied the numbers from state to state. I realized that each state had a lot to do with the next. For instance Virginia and Illinois pick four numbers are similar everyday. Here is an example,on June 3 2012 the Illinois number was 5029 and on June 4, 2012 the Virginia number was 5129, again on June 5, 2012 the Illinois number was 0941 and on June 6 2012 which was yesterday the Virginia number was 9004 day and 0014 night. Now are you starting to get the picture. Their are other states that do the same I hit last week three times playing the same number in three states, Oregon, Kentucky and DC. Coincident, I think not. To learn more about this go to:
I did and I am happy to say that I will never be back where I started.


Tiltpoul Jun 07, 2012

Thank you for making this a blog post, rather than a thread. Still a bit concerning and I won't be visiting the website...

Wavy70 Jun 07, 2012

Stop telling everyone. This is how I made millions.

buzzpaff Jun 07, 2012

Hey GO AWAY Too many winners will spoil this for everybody. I like winning !!

Moneygalore4 Jun 07, 2012

What do you guys mean, if you don't want to win, that is entirely up to you, but don't spoil it for all the people that want too. I am not making anyone visit the site, I just wanted to share the wealth. If you have some advice to give or share with me, I will take it in stride and roll with it, don't knock it until you try it. Good luck.

odiousgambit Jun 09, 2012

The comments should clue you in that this place is a terrible waste of time to fish for Suckers. It's all about *not* being a Sucker.