Posted by JoeZ
Sep 30, 2013

Trip to Vegas with my sons

Probably a boring post for most of you, but thought I'd share a fun trip I had with two of my sons to Vegas recently. We have 4 kids and have taken them each to Vegas when they turn 21. I've been about 20 times and want them to share in the fun and excitement that we've experienced in Vegas. This is my first post so I'm going to post this and see if it works and try to figure out how to do an add-on to it before I type too much.

Sorry....I ended up putting this trip report in the 'posts' section. So if you're interested, you can read it there. Thanks for your patience.


odiousgambit Sep 30, 2013

A perfectly appropriate thing to blog about. Go on!

rdw4potus Sep 30, 2013

Now that you've posted the first paragraph, there should be an edit button in the lower right corner. You can just click edit and then add more content when you want.

I'd imagine that Vegas is an overwhelmingly exciting place for a 21 year old. I didn't go the first time until my 30th birthday, and it still took my breath away. Was this a first casino visit for them, or do you hail from an area where the gambling age is 18 or 19?

Alan Sep 30, 2013

I'm waiting too. My son will be 18 in five days, not that that's gambling age, but getting close. He's been to Vegas before(when he was about 11y/o) just to 'see it' and the Grand Canyon/Hoover dam etc. I'll be interested in the rest of your story and see if I may want to follow in your footsteps.

tringlomane Sep 30, 2013

Yeah rdw, Vegas was pretty fun when I was 21, but I think I find it more fun now. I went my first time with my parents and for a good chunk of the trip, we stayed gambling in the hotel. We did one strip walk, went up the Eiffel Tower, Hoover Dam, and Siegfried and Roy (lucked out there considering it doesn't run anymore; Mom wanted to see O but they were sold out). Outside of that, it was mostly gambling at Mirage. And I thought I was a gambling addict...yikes!