Posted by Duke
May 26, 2013

new poker game

plz checkout my new game at www.alapoker.net

I would like to know what the Wizzard and others think about this. Latest texas hold'em where we show'em all!


Hunterhill May 26, 2013

You should have posted this on the forum not in a blog,as you would probably get a better response. If you want people to try your game you should make it so they don`t have to log in or sign in to play. I will try it if you make those changes.

djatc May 26, 2013

I signed up for it and didn't get an email....

Either way signing up to try a game out seems like too much work. WoV has games you can play without doing anything.

Zcore13 May 28, 2013

I read the rules and would check it out, but I won't sign up to try it. If you remove the sign up process I'll give you my opinion on it.


Paradigm May 29, 2013

+1 on the login requirement.......sorry, you will need to make it so I don't have to give you my info iif you want free feedback.

Duke Jun 03, 2013

Just did that. No need to login and/or provide e-mail. You can simply play.

Also, thank you for the suggestion to put it on the forum. Did so!