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I'd like to know the math behind figuring the number of Wild combinations
for each Pair (2 of a Kind). I realize that for many of the lower pairs, there
are no Wild combinations. For example, if the hand is


then there are no possibilities of making a Pair of 3's if the Joker were to
replace any of the cards.

I need the math broken down to the point to where I can calculate each
possible pair, and then, based on percentages, divide the possible pairs.
For example, I may divide the pairs into

"Jacks or Better" and "10's or lower" OR "9's or Better" and "8's or lower"
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As I recently found out, and has been confirmed by MathExtremist, once wilds are involved, the easiest / best method is to simply cycle thru every possible combination and evaluate them individually.
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