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Dear Wizard,

I have just came back from Vegas, where I found an interesting side bets in Craps at Encore.
It is called All bet, it consists of three parts of 2,3,4,5,6 as one group bet, 8,9,10,11,12 as another group bet, and all of first and second as third bet.
Bet starts at anytime when 7s are rolled, hence it only counts if all these numbers are rolled without being 7s are rolled.
If you can roll all numbers of either group numbers you will get 35 to 1 each, then third bet (both first and second) pays 167 to 1 (I think).

I wanted to know what are the odds of hitting third bet, since I actuallty did it !!
It was sweet win and I had $5 each on all three groups, in total it paid $1185.
Also I kept rolling and I came to one number short (6!!) of doing it again in a same roll before 7'ed out.
On another day I hit first set of numbers for $175.

It seems this side bet is more fun than Fire bet on another places.
Hope to hear your comment soon.

Hitoshi from Tokyo
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I saw this also in Encore's sister property - Wynn's. I played it a several times and won a couple (enough to make a buck or two). It is much more fun than fire bet, seems quicker and I too would be interested in the house advantage.
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Those are the Small, Tall, and All bets. They are addressed in my craps appendix 4.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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Quote: stompi

If you can roll all numbers of either group numbers you will get 35 to 1 each, then third bet (both first and second) pays 167 to 1 (I think).

I saw it in Sept at Wynn, paying 35 for 1 and 176 for 1. Note that the Wiz' apendix has it as 35 for 1 and 175 for 1.

It's just another fun / silly bet, that, like the Fire Bet, stays unresolved for a somewhat extended period. Except, unlike the Fire Bet, it loses on a 7 come out roll.

I saw one guy betting it: A nickel split as $2 each on small/tall and $1 on all. During the hour or so I was watching, he NEVER got paid, although he was doing well on his other bets.

Personally, I think it just gives the boxman something to do....
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