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Quote: ThatDonGuy

To use Bayes properly in this instance, you are going to have to know in advance how many times a dog that was in Trap 1 and the favorite won, which is what you are trying to figure out in the first place.
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If I read this correctly, then I think the quotes below may be an example of the type of information needed ?

" . 54% of all winners from box 1 were the favorities (sic) "
and possibly (?)
" .38% of all Wentworth Park TAB favourites over the past 3 years won their races..."
". Of the eight boxes allocated for each greyhound race*, Box One (red) generated the most winners with 18.5%...."

Note 1: Box = Trap = Bay
Note 2: This is just for one track (an Australian track) and there are up to 8 dogs per race (instead of 6 in the UK?).
Note 3: Data is "based on 3650 races between June 2011 - August 2014".
Note 4: Scroll down to "Statistics" in the link below to see the full quotes/ stat info

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