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What are the average yahtzee scores for the these final outcomes?

1.) NO yahtzee
2.) ONE yahtzee
3.) TWO yahtzees
4.) 3 OR MORE yahtzees.

I note the complicated Wikipedia page with warning thats its too complex...

FWIW, my strats

1.) Quads
score in number box to receive 35 point bonus, else
score in the Quads box if > 22 points, else
score in the Triple box if > 22 points, else
score in Chance if > 22 points, else
score in score in Quads box if > 18 points
score in number box

2.) Full House
if the Triple causes a 35 point Upper section bonus, score there
If the Full House has a total of 25+ score in Triple or Chance, else
score the Full House

3.) Triples try to improve unless such Triple scores the 35 point Upper bonus.

4.) Two Pair- keep combos of 4-5-6 Two Pair, otherwise roll the One Pair needed.

The First Quad >18 and Triple >22 go to the LOWER section. Chasing the bonus costs points (abt 7.5).

some people need to reimagine their thinking

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