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Quote: onenickelmiracle

What advantage is there in being the dealer? They are proving being the dealer is not fair, but if there is no advantage in being the dealer, isn't it?

In holdem games, the dealer is last to act for each betting round (except pre-flop because of the blinds). This gives the dealer the advantage since he can see what his opponents do before he has to make a decision. That's why the extra chip in a split pot goes to the player furthest from the button.

There is no advantage for stud games as the betting order for each round is determined by the cards dealt.
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Quote: Klopp

Four people are going to play poker. To determine the dealer, they are dealt in turn a card until an ace appears. The player receiving the first ace becomes the dealer. Is the procedure fair, that is, does every player have the same chance of becoming the dealer? If not, how much differ the chances of the four players?

I get the following, which agree with Ed Collins's results.

1 0.280288115246
2 0.259303721489
3 0.239519807923
4 0.220888355342

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