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Quote: CrystalMath

I lay them out randomly. Itís tedious, so I did write a program to help me. Then, if thereís something I donít like, I adjust it manually. Once youíve done several games, then you can start reusing old reels.

That is also how I have done them.
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Quote: jelsinor

I'm a developer and a client hired me to make an online casino.
I'm looking for books, tutorials, guides or tools for a fast generation of online slot reels... Do you have something to recommend?

This sounds a pretty major piece of work and you may be out of your depth if you are developing all aspects. Most on-line casinos buy in game functionality under license with revenue share arrangements.
Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
If you design and implement any part of the games or payment systems badly, the casino could suddenly lose a fortune. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes then.
Do you have the maths and stats skills as well as the programming skills?

Spinswizard: Are you working with Jelsinor? You have similar Internet address.
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