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Is there a place I can go that has a blackjack strategy calculator that I can adjust any of the rules i want to adjust? Als0, be able to adjust basic strategy guides to fit what I want to test? Also, adjust the betting strategy instead of using true count of the deck to adjust bets. Just take the hi-lo RC/5 and bet 1 additional unit per (if the running count was 16 I would bet 4 units rather than 1 unit no matter how far into the deck I am in). For Example, if a 6 deck game has a bad beat side bet that pays out 35-1 if you lose when having 20 dealt to you added in. Or Say I want to change the basic strategy for each cards showing always( for example, hit 13 vs a 15 if the true count is -6 or lower).
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For calculations involving changing both bet size and strategy versus count, I think you will need a simulator -not a calculator.

Others know more than I do about available simulators, so I hope they'll jump in and advise you.
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The outstanding Casino Vérité software suite has a program named CVData that can do all you ask, plus a whole lot more. It can be purchased at

Hope this helps!

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