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I have a question about a popular dice 'slot' game in Belgium. Unfortunately I can't post links or images to the game (perhaps because this is my first forum post?), so I'll do my best to describe the rules...

The game board is made up of 4 3x3 grids.

The player gets 12 throws of 3 10-sided dice and chooses one grid to place each throw in. Each throw is place in the leftmost available position of the chosen grid. The odds of this 10-sided dice are depend on a two dice throw i.e.

Two dice outcome dice face probability
Double 1 1/6
Sum = 5 2 1/9
Sum = 7 3 1/6
Sum = 8 4 1/9
Sum = 6 5 1/9
Sum = 9 6 1/9
Sum = 10 black 1/18
Sum = 4 blue 1/18
Sum = 3 green 1/18
Sum = 11 red 1/18

After placing a throw, the player may throw and place again until all grids have been filled.

Once each grid is filled, points are awarded for 3 of a kind on any of the winline in that grid. Points per winline are earned according to the paytable of the game. Once all 12 combinations have been placed, the amount of points is totalled. Prizes are earned according to total points achieved.

Such a game can be played here

I've been trying to write a program to compute the optimal strategy to this game (it certainly doesn't seem to be a pen & paper job), but I'm not making much progress. It seems to a tough problem. Does the wizard have any ideas?
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I'm having a bit of trouble staying connected to the casino, but I think the link.below takes you to the game? A couple different casinos seem to be calling it "Mystery Box"


Can you verify this is the game you're asking about?
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Yes, that's the one.
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February 9th, 2021 at 5:02:54 AM permalink

this seems like a very interesting game. Did you go any further with the optimal strategy? I played a lot in the link you provided and i suspect the auto button is actually playing optimally (or at least better than me :D )
Also, where did you get the probabilities for the different sides of the dice?

I'd love to hear from you :)
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Thank you for sharing useful information.
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