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I see the wizard has the math for Perfect pairs on his main website, I am interested in the exact same qualifying hands for 6 or 4 decks, anyone got the method to calculate this?
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The numbers are under pay table D.
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The method of working it out is fairly easy. Assume your first card in an Ace. You now have one of the 4*(number of decks) Aces, so there is one less for you as your second card. For instance with 6 decks there were 24 Aces, now there are only 23 left of 311 cards. 5 of these are perfect, 6 are coloured, and 12 mixed. Use similar logic for other numbers of decks (when the chances of a pair are better the more decks you have).

You can see that the odds used in casinos should be different for varying numbers of decks used.

There is a bet in Grosvenor [UK] casinos that allows for a bonus of 5 units if you also make Trips (using the Dealer's upcard), Typically they use 6 decks in CSM and 4 decks in shoes.

Also see
- http://www.ukcasinotablegames.info/blackjackperfectpairs.html
- http://www.ukcasinotablegames.info/blackjackbonuspairs.html

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