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Quote: socks

This may have changed, but I don't think that was the case in the 90s. I don't know of anyone at my old high school(in SC) who took the ACT. Duke's Talent Identification Program ran exclusively off the SAT as well.

All I can say is that for 1983 graduates, like me, not many kids took the ACT. I had the impression it was something certain schools liked to see but the California colleges, which were all I cared about, didn't really care about that test. Maybe a good score would have helped in a borderline case. My older daughter graduated from high school two years ago and judging from what the guidance counselor said, it was almost on part with the SAT in terms of significance and most students took both the SAT and ACT.
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ACT used to be very regional. I spoke to someone from my high school today and they don't remember the SAT as being optional, but it was a long time ago and almost everyone from my school was expected to go to college.
I know that in order to get a Regents Diploma, one had to take the PSAT and score a minimum grade. I think it was 200, but the scoring in the 1970s was very different than today.
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Quote: AxelWolf

What's that have to do with inbreeding? Should we give them the green light if we could prove it leads to higher SAT scores?

If you get married in West Virginia then move to Las Vegas and get a divorce are you still considered brother and sister?

I will be sure to send Mission a link.

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