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I was wondering if someone knows, or can point me to an article that outlines what the house edge for UTH becomes if a player knows the hole cards of all players (full table - 6 players), and applies this knowledge optimally to preflop, flop, and river betting/folding ranges.

I was able to find an article on how it affects edge and bet/check ranges for preflop, but I want to know the overall affect on the house edge which I believe is ~2.16% asssuming optimal play and no trips bet.

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Hi mario, and welcome to the forums.

This has been discussed before, and I apologize for not having my numbers directly in front of me, but knowing ALL OF THE OTHER PLAYER CARDS at the table does relatively little in UTH given the 5 community cards and 2 random dealer cards. Basically, there are still too many cards in the deck that keep it "random enough" to obtain any kind of edge.

This is why when you go to a casino to play and they're SUPER STRICT about hiding your cards and not taking about your hand that you can internally just laugh at them for being idiots and not knowing the math of the game. Knowing ALL of the other players cards I think is worth maybe something like half a percent, if I recall correctly... AND that's assuming they're playing a perfect composite strategy (which no ploppy EVER WILL). If someone is THAT good to know that strategy, they're not there to "get other players cards." So really, all the cards at the table make effectively zero difference to the game.
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It drops the house edge to about 1.6%. From .
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My article:

I concluded that the six-player collusion edge at UTH is about 2.5%.
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