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Quote: kewlj

Interesting. Just to be clear, the site is on convention center drive, where the Clarion was imploded a few years back. For those of you from old Las Vegas days that was the Debbie Reynolds owned casino, whatever it was called way back then. I think that little Italian restaurant that was a mob hangout back in the day is right next door.

I believe Debbie Reynplds was the Paddlewheel Casino in 1990 when I moved here.
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Quote: kewlj

... So that lot is not very big...

Not big is putting it mildly. And kinda close to the neighbors.

This image is from their website. In the inset, you can see that next to the Majestic (in red), is some of the less-desirable neighborhood I was talking about.

Of course, it looks worse on a satellite view...
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So if it's an ultra-high-end property with everything except the gambling, why? If you want a high-end experience, and you decide that it's Las Vegas for you, why wouldn't you stay at the Wynn and just look the other way anytime that you have to walk by the casino? Whether its' on-site or not, what can such a facility possibly add to any of the non-gambling attractions in Las Vegas that isn't already there?

Would you go to Hawaii because you don't like the beach? To Vail because you don't want to ski?

I'm reminded of the plot of "The Producers." Is someone soliciting backers for this project? What happens if it doesn't get off the ground, or if does, only to crash and burn at the end of the runway?
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I didn't realize the property had that narrow strip that extends to Desert Inn Road. Doesn't change much, it is still pretty small for what they are proposing, even "shoe-horning" into that extra narrow space. I guess it does give access from another road, for what that is worth.

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