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They aren't terrible neighborhoods, but I'd look elsewhere. I'd look well west of the strip. Twain and Fort Apache was my sweet spot when I was looking but I didn't find anything worth buying. The SW area is pretty reasonable right now, but it will be a few years before it is fully built out.
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Quote: ThatDonGuy

Thought I would bump this, as I am another year closer to retirement...

I was looking at the condos in the area, and noticed that there are a couple of areas near the Strip where they tend to be cheaper:
(a) The NE corner of Flamingo and Koval;
(b) The area between Desert Inn and Flamingo, and between Paradise and Maryland.
A lot of the ones in the latter are below $250,000 for 2 bedroom.
Is there something about these areas that should be setting off alarms?

(a) are you talking about Meridian Condos? On the surface they are decent looking and seems ok, but there is a lot of crime and police activity in that complex. The prices have remained pretty stable at a time prices in Vegas have gone up considerably. That should tell you something.

(b) that area, north of Flamingo on the east side is not a good area at all. A lot of drugs and gangs and crime.

Really the whole eastside, east of the strip, all the way out to Boulder highway is not very good. maybe pockets of ok, but generally not good. You would be much better off on the westside of the strip, and the further west you go, the better.

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