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Quote: billionaireben

There used to be a fogger that killed bedbugs, but now folks are outta luck since it's off the market.

REALLY?? Maybe in AZ/NV, but not in FL.

I brought bedbugs home from a Biloxi casino last December. Whatta pain! I used Hot Shot Bedbug & Flea Fogger (3 canisters in a box for under $10) to kill them. But, it took until July before I was sure I had killed them all. And, that was bombing my bedroom 3 times a week! I had to set the bomb off and leave the room closed for 2 hours. Then, air the room for 2 hours. Then, wash EVERYTHING in the room in hot water and dry everything on the hottest dryer setting. Bedbugs are nearly indestructible.

I don't think you would be safe to assume one fogger bug-bomb would guarantee anything, because bedbug eggs can hatch the next day. And, the hungry hatchlings let you know of their presence in a day or two. You have to blast them again before they have time to mature sufficiently to lay their own eggs. It's a long, drawn-out war, not a single battle.

My advice: avoid bedbugs like the plague!

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