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Quote: JVIPER88

As to your second question, I wasn't thinking about computer software being used to track my movements. Stupidity, I guess.

One advantage to the computer system is that the casino can not only detect if you are "counting cards", but if you are "correctly counting cards". A pit boss doesn't have that luxury. Even though the penetration is only 50%, they can also shuffle a little early if the deck is hot. My suspicion is that the casino makes a lot of money on inept card counters, and hence the web camera system is more profitable than the RNG that starts with a new deck each time.

A live casino doesn't have the ability to do all the number crunching, so they have no choice but to back off any player who is trying to count. The web system can actually target the best counter. Since they are making a lot of their profit on novice card counters, the casino may let you go if you are not winning extreme amounts of cash. It would probably be profitable to publicize that some people are beating the system.

In any case they can always do the electronic equivalent of backing you off before you do serious damage. I see no reason why a casino would suffer the unnecessary bad publicity of freezing your account.

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