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Pretty much any rap song with craps in it along with drive-bys, pimping or laying with hoes, and some mention of how much "snow" they move in their hood.

bonus points if they throw in some disses to some other random rapper
"Man Babes" #AxelFabulous
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Quote: BleedingChipsSlowly

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man - Bog Seger

This is one of my favorite Seger songs.

But my first choice would probably be VIVA LAS VEGAS !

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Been on a major Canadian Country kick, waging the late February war to win another year without having painted the walls with what's left of my shattered mind. Came across this gem. Probably no one outside of maybe coilman or kenarman have heard of Corb Lund, but I thought it was quite worthy of a necro-post. Enjoy.


Playin' late night crazy pot size games with the Asian dealers who
With all that tax free money got deeper pockets than I do
I can't fade that kind of action but my name's there on the list
Who would go to Vegas with a game in town like this?

Stuck in chilly morning traffic cuz I always played too long
Headed north across the bridge and wish'n you were there at home
You used to wake all sleepy headed and ask me if I won
Sometimes I'd just say nothing and now I'm living with what I've done.

I'm a losin' lately gambler but that's not all I've ever been
Cuttin' back your losses is just another way to win.

The chips were racked and ready and I was standing up to leave
Looked down and caught a diamond queen tuggin' at my sleeve
My bleary, up-all-nighted eyes misread it for a heart
Now the money's gone, it's just past dawn and we're a half world apart.

I'm a losin' lately gambler but that's not all I've ever been
Cuttin' back your losses is just another way to win.

I sat down with 'em one last time as I passed thru months ago
Donated a couple thousand, smiled, stood up and hit the road.
With that old familiar empty feelin' of time and treasure lost
The game's the same, ain't nothin's changed except now I know the cost

I'm a losin' lately gambler but I've booked my share of wins
I still see some value there but my edge is pretty thin
I'm a losin' lately gambler but that's not all I've ever been
Cuttin' back your losses is just another way to win.

I can't fade that kind of action but my name's there on the list
Who would go to Vegas with a game in town like this?

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Pretty much still Kravitz Fly Away
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Kenny Rogers ..........Gambler
Billy Joel.....................Easy Money
Rolling Stones......Tumblin Dice
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Stewball by Peter, Paul, & Mary

It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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How about some songs about the reality of gambling?
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Quote: Wizard

Stewball by Peter, Paul, & Mary

Listened to that one. Peter, Paul, and Mary, been awhile....
Got one of those Amazon Echo things as a gift, comes with a limited time subscription to Amazon Prime.
Listened to a couple songs, then turned it lose on random play of this artist and that. Very cool. Did Dylan, Airplane, Buckingham, Doors, Cream, Clapton etc.
This format doesn't come with automatic audio when you post, coming soon maybe....
For right now, let me just type my voice;
"Alexa, shuffle/play me Peter, Paul, and Mary "
I wish you could hear....

<edit> yea, the speaker isn't that good. But it's a wireless thing, and the other batch of components across the room, some of them are wireless enabled as well. I haven't figured out how tell Alexa to play P,P,&M thru the big amp/speakers yet. Any suggestions? I could go missing for quite awhile......

JFYI, the whole headphone, earbud, etc revolution hasn't rattled my cage very much. Just like at the little venue with a live band, I want to feel the beat in my feet, so to speak. If the house ain't rockin, then I'm prolly not at home;-)

<yet another edit> I can, I do, find a song I want to listen to (often from Alexa). I can find that on you-tube and run it thru the big system, complete with the vibration, the real bass, but there has to be an easier way (sigh).
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I don't know how available it is - the first time I heard it was on the complete DVD collection of The Phil Silvers Show (you may know it better as Sergeant Bilko); I never saw the episode in syndication, and read somewhere that, at least in some instances, it was not available as part of any syndication package, probably because of rights issues involving the singers, or the fact that one of them committed suicide not too long after this was made - but here's a song I heard sung by Phil Silvers and the then four sons of Bing Crosby (Nathaniel had not been born yet) - it starts something like this:
(Silvers) My baby needs a new pair of shoes
(Crosbys) Roll, you seven!
(Silvers) She can't get them if I lose
(Crosbys) Come along, eleven!

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