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Lets say that you get $50 in action chips 10 $5 chips from a casino chips that are good for only one hand win or lose keep on a tie. First thing you do is take the chips to roulette and start betting inside numbers if they say even money bets only take the chips to blackjack. In order to use the action chips most effectively you need to buy some real money chips. Lets say that the first hand you start of betting $10 in action chips and are dealt an 11 a perfect hand to double down with. The best way to get the most from your action chips is to double down with real chips not with your action chips because you want to save them for your next hand when you don't have as favorable a position. When you use the real chips and win the hand you keep the real chips if you are doubling down you have a better than 53% chance of winning the hand. The same applies if you get a favorable split like two 8's vs a 7 use real money for the split. If you get an unfavorable split but is still right to do like 8's vs a 10 than use action chips if you used all your action chips and you have to use real chips to split it don't split or make any marginal split. It is ironic but you get full value from the chips on a loss and half value on a win. That is why it is much better to lose the action chips as opposed to real money chips because they only have a value of about 49 cents to face value. I'm not saying to lose the hand intentionally but it is better to lose action chips as opposed to real money chips.
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I disagree. Put all of the action chips on a single bet and let that wheel spin. You will thus either turn the action chips into real chips or you will lose the action chips.
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