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An online casino offers a slot promotion that includes 2 types of cash drop: a ‘daily wins’ drop in multiples of your bet, from 2x to 1000x. There are over 8,000 prizes for this event each week. There is also a ‘summer slots championship’ drop from $8-$188. There are only about 250 of these drops per week. The summer championship drop is offered at all of the daily wins tables.

There are roughly 32 daily wins drops for every summer slots championship drop. Yet somehow, after grinding the daily wins tables, for a few days I got 8 summer championship drops and 0 daily wins drops. The odds of a 32-1 event happening 8 times in a row are about 3.5 trillion to one, so I thought maybe I was making a mistake that caused me to not qualify for the daily wins drops. I contacted customer service, but they assured me that as long as I was betting slots with the daily wins icon (which I was) then I qualified.

What do you think, is this a 3.5 trillion to 1 aberration, is there an issue with the bonus awards, or am I missing something?
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They're rigging it somehow.
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I don't understand your explanation but if you have to "qualify" then maybe no one else is playing at that time or has qualified and then you just win by default, regardless of what the odds are?

Or it could just be one of those "fake" sweepstakes things where everyone wins no matter what, to get you more interested in their other games or whatever. I used to get those car advertisements in the mail all the time with a scratch-off ticket and lucky me, I won every single time, but you have to go into the car dealership to collect the prize, and that's where they try to sell you a car.
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