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Hi Wizard!
Hi Everyone!

Let's assume the following scenario, and let me know your thoughts and ideas on the below:

- Imagine you are a VIP / "respectful whale" in a particular Casino
- Let's also assume that this Casino will always offer you extra $500, every single day, if you gamble with your $1,000,000 account for 30 days in a row with them
- The extra $500 can be used to any type of bets and all traditional Casino Games

NOTE #01 - The main goal here is for the VIP / "respectful whale" avoid using his own money, and take as much advantage as possible of the extra $500 in order to maximize profits
NOTE #02 - Assume that this Casino can be located in US or Europe

My questions are:

1 - In your opinion what would be the ideal Casino Game to play with "Casino Money" as specified on this scenario?
2 - What would be the best strategy on this particular Casino Game to maximize your profits during these 30 days?

Looking forward for your input and feedback on the above.

Many thanks and keep going the great work!
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