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Has anyone ever seen one? I have stumbled upon a document where they seem to spill some technical details about their own shuffle machine compared to shuffle master

Ill give you an exerpt

Shark Trap’s Multi-Deck Round-to-Round Shufflers versus Shuffle Master’s MD3
Electromechanical/Card Movements
The design of Shuffle Master’s MD3’s consists of three adjacent, vertical bins. Assume six
decks, which are inserted into the center bin to begin a shuffle. The decks are first separated into
two piles via rollers that randomly move the cards one at a time into the outside bins (312
movements). After approximately half the cards are in both outside bins, the cards are then
randomly “riffled” one at a time back into the center bin (another 312 movements), so it takes
624 movements to riffle six decks once (312 x 2). But the MD3 require seven complete riffles to
achieve randomness—following the conclusions of the famous Diaconis study on shuffling—so
we need to multiply movements by seven, which results in 4,368 movements (624 x 7). To
complete the shuffle, a final step is required: the shuffled decks must be moved from the center
bin to the bin closest to the dealer, one card at a time, so another 312 movements are required for
a total of 4,680 electromechanical movements with each movement requiring that rollers contact
the cards.
With ST’s shuffling methodology (random-selection), only 312 movements are required!
To put this into perspective, it takes Shuffle Master 15 times as many electromechanical
movements to shuffle six decks of cards (4,680/312). ST’s multi-deck shuffler offers a
staggering 93% reduction of electromechanical movements ((4,680-312)/4,680 = .9333), and the
savings are about the same for eight decks!

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I have seen the Shark Trap prototype. They exhibited last year at G2E. I have heard very little since then.
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