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Hello. I will apologize ahead of time as I know this may be a stupid question but I知 just getting started with learning video poker. I知 working on memorizing the 36 step optimal video poker strategy listed on Wizard of Odds for Jacks or better. For step 22 it says 4 to an inside straight, 3 high cards as having the same rating of .5319. Similarly, for step 19 it says 4 to an inside straight, 4 high cards with a rating of .5957. Is the correct interpretation of the above steps that step 22 should be 4 to an inside straight with 3 high cards and for step 19 should be 4 to an inside straight with 4 high cards. Or are we talking about two separate hands having equal value (one hand of 4 to an inside straight, one hand with 4 high cards having the same value etc.). Also which video poker training software do you guys recommend? Any feedback or examples you could provide would be extremely helpful and very much appreciated.

Thanks again

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.5319 and .5957 aren't the same value. An inside straight with 4 high cards is more valuable than one with 3. Or I'm just not understanding the question.

As for which software to use, others can help you there.
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I don't understand your question either.

4 to an inside straight, 4 high cards EV= 0.5957

I think this is always: AKQJx where x = 2-9.

The only tricky thing here is that AKQJ is an inside straight draw because only one rank - a 10 -will make the straight.

4 to an inside straight, 3 high cards EV= 0.5319

examples: AQJTx x=2-9
KQJ9x x =2-8
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For $10/month, you can be Gold at videopoker.com, which allows you to use their trainer (free and silver don't). I think.it does a very good job.

I'm not sure what you're generating at WoO that's giving you -ev figures. I guess if you want to dig that deeply, good on you're, but you're working too hard.

WoO has a strategy generator for a large variety of vp games. You tell it which game you're playing, check the payable (and amend it to what you want to practice), and hit go.

It reads out a list of hands in priority order, and you just go down the list, top to bottom, and hold as it tells you. On the list, the inside straight with 4 high cards would be listed above the one with 3 high cards (on JOB).

So, in that example, if you got AKQJ9 with no particular suits, you would hold the AKQJ, not KQJ9, because you have an extra chance of getting a pair of Aces that pay, if you don't get the same 10 you need to complete either hand.

If you had AQJ109, though, you would hold QJ109, because you have 8 cards to complete the straight, which pays odds, over AQJ10, with that same extra Aces pair chance. So on your strategy list, 4 to an outside straight is always listed above either of those others (unless you have 3 or 4 to a royal: 4 to a royal beats all straight draws, 3 to a royal beats most.)
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"Four to an inside straight, four high cards" means four cards to an inside straight, all four of which are high cards. The only way this is possible is A-K-Q-J, which is considered an inside straight because, like a "normal" inside straight, only one card value - a 10 - will make the straight.

"Four to an inside straight, three high cards" is any of A-K-Q-10, A-K-J-10, A-Q-J-10, or K-Q-J-9.
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