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the next time Dame Fortune toys with your heart, your soul and your wallet, raise your glass and praise her thus: “Thanks for nothing, you cold-hearted, evil, damnable, nefarious, low-life, malicious monster from Hell!” She is, after all, stone deaf. ... Arnold Snyder
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Quote: Ayecarumba

Actually, most players will assume that, if they have a pass line bet, their place bet will be taken down.

That is really weird as I have played this whole time and EVERY dealer asks me what I want to do with it. I have not played that much but I have played quite a bit the past few months at many different places (almost nonstop). They ALWAYS ask what you want to do with it if your place bet happens to be the point. Can someone else confirm this?
Quote: Ayecarumba

Most experienced dealers will catch on quickly if your preference is to be a "mover", or a "downer", and continue to do so in the future. I would not classify this as a "mistake", unless this is the first time your place bet became the new point.

Well, of course if you are a chronic mover or downer then the dealer might just do it for you automatically and it shouldn't be a problem. But a problem might arise when they move it for you without asking. Then how do they know which number you want to move it to? This is the first time I played with that dealer and it was weird how she just downed it. Seriously, I can think of so so many dealers and so many times and they always ask what I want to do with it.

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