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Hi Wizard! I'm Agustin from Argentina. I love your educational gambling videos, they helped me to learn most casino games, but my favorites are blackjack and punto y banca, which is baccarat in US. I read your Argentinian casinos review and I was very happy to see that you had visited Tigre and its particular rules... hahaha.
Here in Argentina, each provincial government has the power to manage the casinos of their territory. In my province, Buenos Aires, the 12 casinos are all handled by the state (Tigre and Mar del Plata are among those) and the same table game rules are shared in all this casinos. This rules are kind of strange, as you experienced couple years ago, but I enjoy them. My cuestion is what is the basic strategy that I should follow, according to this variants?
The rules are the following:
-8 decks.
-Hole card.
-Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
-No resplit allowed.
-Double down allowed only on 10 or 11.
-No double down allowed after split
-No surrender.
-After splitting aces, only one card is given and Ace and ten are payed as blackjack 3 to 2.
-After splitting tens, ace and ten are payed as blackjack also.
-Dealer stands on soft 17.
-Penetration of about 80%.
Thank you!
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on tigre casino you can shuffletracking and count cards to add to basic strategy . i am from argentina.
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House Edge Calculator shows 0.68681% if you follow basic strategy which you can find here.
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