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Hello wizard,
first of all, thank you for all the helpful information.

i have a question regarding the wizard's betting table pre-flop at this game, in a case i know what other players sitting next to me are holding. as you know, it is common that casino's allow players to show their cards to other players.
let'a take in example, that i am holding pocket 8's. other players at the table show their cards, and i see that one other player is holding an 8, and another player is holding the 4th 8. should i still bet 4 times?? does knowing what cards are "out" should affect my betting?
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First, welcome to the forum.

If you hold a pocket pair of 8s versus one random hand, your 8-8 pair will have a winning percentage of about 68.7% at showdown (and tie about 0.9% of the time.) So, its no surprise that the UTH Basic Strategy says to bet 4X.

If you glance at your buddy's hand and you see that he has the other two 8s, then the showdown win rate of your 8-8 pair will drop by about 3% down to about 65% - and Betting 4X will still be the right strategy.

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