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A True Story:

I was shooting craps years ago at Turning Stone Casino near Syracuse, NY

The Table Maximum bet was $1,000

I asked the Box if I could bet $2,500 on the pass line.

He said "Sure. Go ahead"

I looked to the stick and to the dealer on my end of the table,

all of whom indicated that I had permission to do so.

I rolled an immediate natural 7.

Instantly, I was told that I could only collect $1,000,

as those who accepted my wager were unauthorized to do so.

Almost needless to say, had I lost the bet, my chips would have been scooped up without a peep.

Being a "Tribal Enterprise", there was no recourse to be had.

Almost needless to say, I never played there again.
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That was an old thread to bump.

I feel like your bet was accepted and should have been paid. As I understand it (and I don't spend a lot of time at craps tables so I could be wrong), I think that a boxperson is just a more experienced dealer and not actually a supervisor, and betting over the table limit is something that I've always had to get a supervisor's okay on. So I wonder whether the Box would have been in a position to accept such a bet.

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