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I have read through "how to win a baccarat tournament" from /how-to-win-a-baccarat-tournament-part-a-general-concepts/

However, the tournament i will be joining will have some different rules. So i'm here to look for any advice or strategy that is suitable for my tournament. The rules are:

Starting stack: 1million
min bet: 20k
max bet: 200k
For every round, there are only 20 hands will be played, and after 20 hands, the chips leaders will advance to next round.
First round, 7/8 participants in a table and top 3 chip leaders qualified.
Semi final, 7 participants in a table and top 1 chip leader qualified.
The chips is reset after each round which mean at the start of second round, semi, final, everyone start with 1million again.
During the 20 hands of each round, you can bet "all in" of your chips for 1 time.
During the last 5 hands of each round, the chips will be covered and we will not know how much chips they have got. Besides that, we will do not know what our opponents are betting and how much they are betting, we bet by writting to the gambling supervisor. On the third last hand and last hand, they will announce how much each player has got remaining chips.

Is there any strategy or advice i can follow like betting minimum on starting few hands or something ?
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What is the house advantage if a player is betting the identical wager on both Bank and Player on EZ Baccarat?

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