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For years I have played UTH with the machine dealing out the cards the same way, 5 for the common, then 2 to each player. Last month I played on a cruise ship, the machine was broken, so the dealer was dealing manually. Instead of mimicking the way the machine dealt, dealer deals one card to each player and himself, then a second card to each player and himself then burns a card, then deals the flop, burns a card and then deals the final two cards. As I result of this method of dealing, I had the worst experience in the past 5 years. Now, it could just be coincidence, but my question is, do the odds change at all by dealing in this method verses the machine. I mentioned to the casino manager that I thought the dealer should deal the same way the machine spits out the cards. He claimed it makes absolutely no difference the way the cards are dealt. I'm not so sure, so I wanted some experts to weight in on this. Thank you.
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It makes no difference. And that's the typical way UTH is dealt by hand.
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An unseen card is an unseen card, mathematically. The machine method is designed for game protection, but also to maximize the use of the machine and turn the game more quickly. So the 5cards are dealt first so that it doesn't matter how many hands follow, it just delivers 2 card packets until the dealer presses the button to tell it all the needed cards are out.

As IBYA said, hand-dealt, I have only seen it as you describe (3 different places as I recall). Again, I think it's to the best game protection available while hand-dealt, as the community cards can't be hole-carded until after the bet decision is made at each point. It also echoes the poker room technique, so probably leads to less dealer errors in the process.
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To give you a 3rd voice repeating the same information... Random is random. So long as the deck is shuffled it's completely random, no matter how they deal the cards out.

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