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Quote: jml24

One thing to note is that at the house-banked table games the cards are standard cardboard and new decks are frequently put into play. Poker rooms typically use plastic cards that are more durable but they are also more expensive. They would not want to throw out an entire deck just because there is one marked card.

The Plastic cards tend to nick the paint easier than standard Playing Cards. On the "design side" this would be immediate cause for change-out. **edit** There were also complaiints IIRC about "chipping" over at 2+2... corners nicked off, splits forming, etc.
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Quote: DrawingDead

Well Axel, last time you chose to describe me as "stupid" and clueless about how poker should really be played and minimum expectations for appropriate (and intelligently courteous toward recreational players) behavior at the table, you cited your great escapades "tilting" people at HardRock Las Vegas poker room for evidence of your poker prowess. HardRock struggles to get and keep a table going, never has had any significant poker business, and has been practically non-existent since the day it opened. Which is why they are not even in that room.

Send me a link so I can re-read it. I think you're over exaggerating a bit what I said.Perhaps I didn't convey my message properly. Either way, I apologize if I offended you.

Okay so you're clamming the HRH LV poker room never had any significant business(under-exaggerating)? That may be a big matter of opinion(one I consider wrong and BS) . HRH built one of the coolest poker room I have seen. They had at least 10 tables(possibly 16+), Big screen TV's, private tables, food service, It was more like a club than a poker room, guys actually ordered bottles of booze to the tables. Don't forget the VP.

They ran good promotions including $200 to $300 buy-in tournaments, daily tournaments, free-roll tournaments, big money guarantee tournaments. It was busy as hell and full of action.

They ran a marketing tactic called Trash Talking Tuesday, It was always jam-packed with a huge list when I went. They had 1-2 NL up to 5-10 NL regularly and even higher sometimes. They had a 2/5 game with "mandatory" button straddling $10 to $ 100 and 7 - 2 winner bounties. They had a 1-2 with an button straddle as well. They had various other games, but I didn't pay attention.

Trash talking and slow rolling was encouraged, you could say just about anything you wanted. No race, mom, or legitimate threatening talk was officially allowed but it happened anyway. The games got huge, It felt like a $25-50 NL game sometimes (at least 5-10 NL).

As poker started to fizzle out more (as it did everywhere) they changed management who killed TTT and that really hurt them. The then moved the poker room to a smaller room. Poker was still dwindling. Eventually they added poker tables to the pit. However Friday and Saturday nights it was still a good game even attracting some UFC fighters. I haven't been in months so I can't tell you if they even have poker left there.

On many occasions I have kept games rolling past sunrise by using various tactics at many casinos. I just did this a few weeks ago. Another member of the forum frequently visits that casino, he was shocked the they had a game still going in the AM. I had no clue that wasn't normal. I don't want you to take my word for it, I want you to talk with Various members/players I have played poker with. Then I want you to come with me for a night of poker. We can visit various different poker rooms and you can talk to dealers, supervisors and players I have played with. Make you're own conclusion. If nothing else, I guarantee you will hear some crazy stories.
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Quote: 98Clubs

The Plastic cards tend to nick the paint easier than standard Playing Cards. On the "design side" this would be immediate cause for change-out. **edit** There were also complaiints IIRC about "chipping" over at 2+2... corners nicked off, splits forming, etc.

Here is another question. Those shufflers in the poker room, and at BJ for that matter, do they require the higher quality cards? Will they just eat up the regular deck you buy at WMT?
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Quote: DrawingDead

I heard that as well, several years ago, like about 5 yrs..... I think it was more recently, but not within the last 2 years, that I was told about him trying to play at MGM Las Vegas, and not being allowed to. Neither of those accounts are first hand things that I saw myself, just what I recall of what I've been told from sources that I choose to think are trustworthy.

I remember the MGM event about 5 years ago. I thought he was already playing (a 1-2 table IIRC) and being chastised by other players because of the newly-discovered UB debacle, and MGM upholding his right to play there anyway. I could be wrong.
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