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MickeyCrimm said:
"There has been a story going around for years about a father and his son at Binion's Horseshoe. I don't know if it's just urban legend or whatever. It's the faather's money but the kid is sitting in his father's lap and hitting the button. He hit a big jackpot. Who won? The father or the son? Nobody won. They wouldn't award the jackpot because the kid was a minor. I have no way of validating whether this story is true or not. "

I heard that story too but it wasn't at Binions. I heard it was at the airport on the way back from their vacation. There are slots in the airport in Vegas and the kid was bothering his dad to take a spin. He finally gave a fiver and the kid hit the jackpot. The father ran over and yanked the kid out the seat and sat down.

That's the way I heard it told. It seemed more credible than Binions allowing a kid to sit on his dads lap while he plays at the slots.
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Refusing to pay probably happens a lot and has likely happened at every casino. We were playing slots at the Flamingo and a man and his daughter were playing on adjacent machines behind us. She hit a hand pay and they immediately switched places. When they came to pay the suits were with them and asked for the daughters ID. She was under age and they refused to pay since they had checked the tapes and knew she had 'pulled the handle'. This was pre button days.
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Whoever spins wins the jackpot. More interesting would be when two people hit the button same time or if someone abandoned a high limit slot bonus and someone else hits the button to start the feature.
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It should be who has majority control over the machine. Example: I put the money in and im sitting in the seat. My friend stands on the side of me and spins the button once or twice for fun. He hits a Jackpot, obviously this should go to me. If im sitting on a machine and my friend leans over and spins for 30 min while I kick back and watch, I would have to think this is now his Jackpot.

Factors should include: Who put the money in. Who is sitting on the machine. who is hitting the buttons. Who has been playing the machine prior to the jackpot.

If its a close call then the casino should split the jackpot, make 2 different tax forms and refer them to the courts.

I was under the impression casinos are obligated to separate winnings and tax forms on request using something like a 5754 form or whatever use now.

What do they use when people make a deal on Poker tournaments?
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