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Was playing 2-8 spread texas holdem at Angles Casino Wa., six tables were full, nine players each.
At our table seat 2 rivers a spade royal flush, hand held and shuffled deck. 3500 bonus ( yup no kidding he just sat down and it was his second hand, LOL )
Six hands later the table next to ours, seat 3, hits a royal flush in diamonds on the river, 900 bonus they had a shuffle machine.
What are the odds of 2 royal flushes hitting with six tables going within approx. 10 min of each other.

I also saw this happen at Cache Creek Casino in California years ago around 1992, the same player hit a royal flush in spades and before they could bring him his pay out he hit another one in hearts. Eight tables going all hand held decks. Don't remember if he hit it on the flop, turn, or river, or how many hands in between. Whats the odds on that?

One more thing, been playing for 24 years and I have never hit one, whats the odds on that? Guess i'll just keep trying.

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