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So as many of you know, I was in Vegas not too long ago for a Bachelor's Party. Boy was this an expensive trip. Did not have many good gentlemen club experiences. Will not go into it. Let's just say it was pretty bad. We did not go the classy route. =( But hey it was not my party.

But gambling, this is where it get's interesting. So I love craps. In fact it's my vice of choice and therefore my downfall. I won in virtually every other game except craps. Roulette, video poker, blackjack, sports-betting, tri-card poker, and traditional slots were all positive. Craps was so bad that it wiped out all my gains and then took me for $$$. <sadness> Oh craps, why can't we be friends?

Gambling started out at the Hard Rock. I was the first in the party to get in, and had always wanted to go here. This is a very nice modern hotel that caters to a very young crowd, but surprisingly at 11am, it's pretty dead. I guess everyone is still hungover. They have a nice steakhouse but its a bit expensive, and so is their spa services. Oh wait, I digress. Gambling.

Ahh yes, gambling. I was up on video-poker, craps, and sports-betting. I really like their sports book. Kudos for having the spreads at multiple properties displayed. The lighting in the casino was a bit too dark for me. I had trouble seeing, but otherwise overall experience was positive.

Gambling at the Gold Coast and Orleans. Up on video-poker and blackjack. Crushed on craps. Badly. How did I lose all my profit and then some? A hot table suddenly turned cold, and a cold table suddenly turned hot. I was on the wrong side of both. S***. Also, the casino was so smoke filled, I felt I was in an astray surrounded by old people.

Gambling at the Golden Nugget, Ladyluck, and the Plaza. At the Golden Nugget, roulette and video-poker were my friends. Just could not get into a craps table. Way too packed. Up on both. Ladyluck was not lucky to me. Just neutral. Can someone tell me if the Plaza is the one with the girls dancing on tables while people gamble in front of them? If so, it's really freaking distracting. Though the fremont street experience was nice as there was a band playing right outside. However, tri-card poker was ok to me as was video-poker. Up on both. Was tempted with the action on craps, but did not like the pit staff. Did not get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Back onto the strip. Off to the Monte Carlo. Surprisingly, cleared a deck in blackjack and made some decent money. Blackjack dealer was really annoying. She kept pointing out my mistakes in perfect strategy. I know I was not playing perfect strategy. Yes I hit on a 12,13,14,15,16 against a dealer's 2,3,4,5 oh hell whatever he had when I felt like it. And you know what, I got 18,19,20,21. And yes I did stand on a 12,13,14,15,16, when the dealer showed a 10. And you know what happened, she busted. The dealer was getting REALLY annoyed by this. I would say stand on a 12 when she showed 10, and she would say "STAND ON 12" or "DEALER SHOWS 10" or "Are you sure?" and she would tap the table in between her hand and mine saying that out loud. What is this your final answer? Suffice to say, I probably won 9 out 10 times during that shoe using my imperfect strategy. As my chips kept growing, she would not give me a warm look at all. I had 3 stacks of red and the pit boss came over to eye me and swap her out. Didn't matter, I finished my shoe and happily walked away up for this part. This was much better than my first experience at the Monte Carlo gambling years ago when it hit me up badly. Smokey filled though, so it's a give and take.

Went to the NY NY afterwards. This was my downfall. I was broken here. I knew this was a bad place to gamble. It's always been a taboo place for me. I was out of my mind to open my wallet. My group wanted to spend a few hours here. And I suffered massive losses here to the tune of 4 times standard bankroll session. Vomit Vomit Vomit. And a little more vomit. Damn you craps. Damn you virtual craps. Damn you evil slot machine.

Off to the MGM Grand for gambling. Now this was an interesting experience. Sports-betting area is a bit dated for me, but it's ok. I was up on my bets. Spreads were competitive, but you could still shop around. They have this horse racing quarter machine which was extremely fun. I recommend you all to try it. I was also slightly up here on roulette as well. I was down on video-poker and craps. 4X standard bankroll. Vomit Vomit Vomit. And I bought breakfast for two other people and somehow eggs and ham and coffee came up to $100 total. WTF?! How did that happen? But I will give credit to that quarter horse racing machine, which was fun as hell and I was up on it as well as the sports betting. My big turnoff was the smokey nature of the gaming area as well as the losses.

All in all, gambled way too much. Thank god for a budget for each day's worth of gambling otherwise I'd be in deeper S***.
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Quote: Asswhoopermcdaddy

Can someone tell me if the Plaza is the one with the girls dancing on tables while people gamble in front of them? If so, it's really freaking distracting.

Actually, it's the sister club of the Plaza, The Las Vegas Club. I was there playing craps one evening over the Christmas weekend. The Dealertainers (Strippers) were on a stage right in the center of the craps pit. Two of them dancing to 2 or 3 songs, then off to deal BJ. Then another 2 up on the stage.

Distracting, most certainly. In a good way, YES, but making it very hard to concentrate on the table action between them gyrating and the loud DJ music. These girls were so tatted up and very professional looking.

I actually said to the Pit Boss, "Do you pay them to Dance or Deal?" and with a straight face he said, "Both".

It was actually louder across the street at the Golden Gate. I could barely hear the table calls over their incredibly loud music. The only saving grace being that their Dealertainers are in the BJ pit area and not in direct view of the craps tables.

When did the Lady Luck reopen? I would have walked over had I known it was in action again.
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