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Quote: Jimmy2Times

Very interesting - was the house log cabin or stone construction? I have never lived in the country but over the past few years have become very interested in rural log homes barns and stone houses from watching the TV shows (Barnwood Builders, etc). I have made drives through the back roads of rural Western PA and NE/Cent OH to look at these types of structures. What amazes me is the level of craftmanship to build these homes and barns when there was no power tools nor cranes, tools nor cranes.

It was built post and beam style, the posts had wooden pegs in them to hold everything together. The out side was clapboards. The interior walls were horsehair plaster.To me itís interesting to think the house was built before the U. S. Even existed.
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Quote: MrV

I've endured what is probably the most stressful, scariest past few weeks ...

Recently retired, I went to the doc for a delayed physical: blood work showed a high PSA.

Met with urologist: he scheduted MRI which showed prostate cancer.


Urologist needed to know if it spread, so I had a CT scan last week and a bone scan today.

Awaiting test results which could be existential is not a way to enjoy life: I've been an uptight cat on a hot tin roof.

Just got the results: clear, it hasn't spread.

I'm happy ... not to have cancer, but to have a realistic shot of beating it and living to enjoy my retirement.

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 13 years ago. He died last year at 92, from old age. It's never good, but it isn't as bad as most others.
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This has to be one of if not THE WEIRDEST photo I've seen in the news:

Somebody shot fireworks at a church causing it and a house to burn; the owner had a large collection of mannequins.

What a world ...
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This is one of my "favorite" fire pictures.

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