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No not too often. I actually left him with my in-laws when I moved from California to Texas 14 years ago, but still get to see him a couple times per year. I sometimes hear him whistling or talking when i am on the phone with the in-laws, they love him as mush as I do.
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Quote: Johnzimbo

Any chance Marcy actually has been making your football picks the last few years, so we have a shot now?

That chance is about 1 in 8.


I have had an African grey for 37 years, he is a great pet and very entertaining.

Hmmm. I may pick your brain about that later. In college I worked for a guy who bred all kind of exotic parrots, but his personal pet was an African grey.
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Please accept my condolences on your recent loss. I've lost many pets over the years, and I know how hard the loss can be.

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Quote: Wizard

...Also, and disagree with me if you wish, but I think that parents love their kids more than their kids love them back. That love going downward is also what you feel for pets. ....

This is true. Take perhaps the best breed of dog there is - the golden retriever or black lab. You can easily tell how old one is. When they are 2, they are tugging on the leash so hard you can barely hold on. When they are 5, the leash is tight but they let you keep up. When they are 8, they walk beside you. When they are 10 they lag behind you and you have to encourage them to keep up. When they are 12+, you just walk without a leash and often just sit and rest on the grass. In just a few years of our life, we see all of the stages in theirs. It's hard to let them go.
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My sympathies on your loss. The pain of losing our beloved pets is always greater than any of us will admit.
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