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February 8th, 2016 at 2:33:00 PM permalink
I don't know if any of you still watch Mythbusters, but they tested something in Saturday's episode that pertains to trips to Las Vegas which is the check-in procedure at hotels or ordering at a fast food establishment or checking out at a store. the method they used was checking out at a store. They set up a full fledged grocery store, gave people a number of items to buy and then set up checkout procedures for the samples. They ran each test for 30:00 and tested time from entering line until it was your turn. The results surprised me a bit in multiple ways

1) The McDonald's lines were on the average faster at getting people through the line however
2) The customer satisfaction rating was better with the Wendy's style line despite it taking 70 extra seconds
3) The one that didn't surprise me was the data was more tightly clustered on the Wendy's style and more varied with the McDonald's style suggesting it is fairer and if there is a hangup on one aisle you don't get punished for picking the wrong aisle

Reasons for the longer wait time in a checkout type place is
A) you must walk to the cashier when called whereas in a Wendy's style line creating an added step and
B) you can unload your groceries or purchases onto the belt before the cashier is serving you ( I don't think this was mentioned by the hosts however, but something I noticed.

I think this show was incomplete though, because a checkout and a check-in are two different things, where the McDonald's style might save time in a check out scenario, a Wendy' style might be more efficient in a check in type scenario.
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Don't know if you are dangling the bait here, but you do know this is a subject near and dear to the Wizard's heart?

I swear McDonald's lines are faster. But I never go into a Wendy's or Burger King anymore.
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