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10. What is the name of the other female brunette besides Lucy?
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Regarding the Jeopardy test, I said on the other thread I got 40 for sure; I'm wrong, looking at paisano's answers; I got 34 that agreed with his. Wasn't going to discuss it since there were a lot of very smart people reporting less than that in this thread, but since I put the other number out there, I thought it best to be accurate. The ones I knew but couldn't come up with in 15 seconds, which were about 6 more, were all wrong guesses. And I missed 10 outright. I'm guessing I didn't get on with that low a score, but the only way to know is if they don't call in the next 18 months. IOW, I ain't holding my breath.

I definitely knew Riga, Istanbul, David Mamet, Heart of Darkness, the Terrors (french question which might or might not have been enough to count) and Bering Sea, all of which I answered wrong while knowing I couldn't quite think of them quickly and hoping. I also answered Quakers, Wiz, thinking Puritans and Pilgrims were synonymous, which apparently they aren't, so learned something there. Knew they had settled in Pennsylvania, was hoping they started in Mass bay. Enough about that, though I'll collect the 25 pushups for Triton not bringing Neptune to mind (sea gods); got that one logically.
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Quote: ChesterDog

10. What is the name of the other female brunette besides Lucy?


That is correct. She is a character who appeared in the early years only and vanished without explanation. Probably too similar to Lucy in look and personality. However, she was more stuck up than Lucy and nastier to Charlie Brown.

I didn't think the "Little Red Haired Girl" was ever named. This would seem appropriate because Charlie Brown never got up the nerve to talk to her, and he may have felt unworthy to say her name, even if he did know it.
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The only teacher ever named in the comic strip, AFAIK, is Miss Othmar, although there was a storyline once where she got married (and Linus did mention her new name, which I can't remember)

#12 - I was not aware that Snoopy could either whistle or hum. Howl, yes, but whistle and hum, no.

I think it's Peppermint Patty - I seem to remember her mentioning that she used to stay up late at night, waiting for her father to get home from his job

Charles Schulz was adamant that he would never draw nor name "the little red-haired girl". He had nothing to do with the two TV specials where she was shown and her name mentioned - "It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown" and "Happy New Year, Charlie Brown"
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Thank you for looking up the answers, Triglomane. I took the same test on Wednesday, and I think I had 26 correct. (3,6,7,9,10,13,14,21,22,24,25,27,28,31,32,34,35,36,37,39,41,43,45,47,48,49) At the time, I felt that I had gotten about 25 correct. It's worth noting, though, that an important part of the Jeopardy quiz is the questions were also given their own category, just like the show. I remember the capital of Latvia question, for instance, was in a category called '4 Letter Capitals'. Unfortunately, I guessed 'Kiev'. Knowing the category helped in getting an answer in 15 seconds a few times. Like the Wizard, I was hopeless on the pop culture questions. It was a fun 15 minutes or so, but I'm not expecting a call in the next year.
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Hit 30, kicking myself for not getting the Latvian capital and the Planck unit.

Clueless on some of the American History questions, and anything to do with stage and film.
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I took the test that Wizard posted just now, got 24. Then I registered and tried an online Jeopardy test. I'm not optimistic.

I am rusty in many topics. I imagine that good ones to study are geography, world leaders, military history, films, animals and botany.
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I guess it is safe to answer a 5 year old question without spoilers, since I can't figure out how to use them.

Charlie Brown's favorite baseball player (without losing points for spelling) is Joe Shlabotnik
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