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I got a whopping 8.
I heart Crystal Math.
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Seventeen correct, Book of Daniel was the only guess, got that right, I was absolutely sure about the other sixteen.

Anyone have a good Over/Under Line for Teddys when he sees this? I say 40.

Specifically: 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27 (I wouldn't have known that had it not been for who his opponent was), 28, 31, 35, 37, 42

All downhill on 43-50, can't believe I don't know 43...

Never mind, eighteen correct, I do know #50, got annoyed and gave up reading after
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Look up #6, you'll smack yourself in the forehead because you've heard it a gazillion times.
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Quote: AxiomOfChoice

Also, after reading your answer for #13, I still don't get it. Is there a mistake there or am I just being dense?

I think his answers wrong. I'm guessing its meant to be the Panama Canal or at least that would have been my answer.
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It might help ,it should be in Greek not in green.
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Well, I have twelve confirmed correct, and I am pretty sure I have 2 or 3 other answers correct, but am too lazy to look them up to confirm.
For now, I will take credit for 14 until I get a chance to see the correct answers.

Once again it is confirmed that I need to stick to the High School Jeopardy version.
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14 as well. Pretty tough
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Quote: Wizard

Okay, I hope you people are happy. I just went through the video capture of the test and entered all the questions below and those answers I knew, or was mad at myself for not knowing and had to look up.

At best, my score would have been a 19. I might have had some brain freezes or ran out of time on some of them. As I wrote in Online Jeopardy Test thread, I discovered that I couldn't enter any answers with my video capture software going.

In making comments with specific answers, please put them in spoiler tags so that others may enjoy the test.

It would be nice to see somebody post tomorrow's test.

p.s. I am an idiot.



I looked up all the correct answers.

I got 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26 (you were wrong), 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 48, 49, 50 = 27 total

We both had the incorrect answer for 35, corrected below.

  1. In 1724 Peter the Great commissioned this Dane to explore the Pacific Coast of Siberia.

    Vitus Bering

  2. Claire Daines plays the Emmy-winning role of CIA agent Carrie Mathison on this Showtime Drama.


  3. In Bridal Fashions, blusher, cascade & birdcage are types of these.


  4. The TV Series "Under the Dome" is based on the bestseller by this author.

    Stephen King

  5. The gulf of Finland is an arm of this sea.


  6. In Green myth Jason led this famous group of sailors.


  7. Nearly all of the earth's weather occurs in this layer of the atmosphere below the stratosphere.


  8. "Glengarry Glen Ross", about despertate real estate salesmen, won him a 1984 Pulitzer Prize.

    David Mamet

  9. This "botanical" interchange is where 2 highways meet.


  10. She wrote the 2009 memoir "Going rogue: An American Life."

    Sarah Palin

  11. Marshall Mathers goes by this stage name.


  12. Brought over from Australia to the U.S., blue gum is a common variety of this tree.


  13. In November 1906 Teddy Roosevelt left the U.S. to personally see this progress on the engineering project.

    Panama Canal

  14. The Spanish word for midday rest.


  15. A rich auburn color is name for this Venetian artist, who favored that hair color in his paintings.


  16. One of the top 5 for the U.S. girls born in 2012, it also belongs to a Jane Austen heroine


  17. He reworked a novel called "Stephen Hero" into a "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."

    James Joyce

  18. This desert forms the triangular southern half of Israel.

    Negev (My guess was wrong)

  19. He wrote & directed 2013's "Blue Jasmine" but doesn't star in it.

    Woody Allen

  20. "Planck" down this term for the smallest amount of energy that can be emitted as a electromagnetic radiation.


  21. The 3 orders of ancient Greek column were doric, ionic & this ornate one name for a city.


  22. It's an apartment house owner who overchages tenants while allowing the property to deteriorate.


  23. 1902: "The horror! The horror!

    Heart of Darkness.

  24. In the 21st century he kept dazzling visitors to Vegas with the Encore as well as the casino that bears his name.

    Steve Wynn (at least I'll get one right)

  25. He served in the KGB from 1975 to 1991.


  26. Triton is the largest moon of this planet.


  27. He was president when the 20th century began.

    William McKinley (my guess was wrong)

  28. 4 white fleurs-de-lis appear on this Canadian Province's flag.


  29. According to a George Eliot title, the Tullivers own a mill on this river.

    the Floss river

  30. She played Ilsa in "Casablanca."

    Ingrid Bergman (I wouldn't have got it)

  31. Bovine term for a business product that is a dependable source of income.

    Cash cow

  32. While sleepwalking she yells, "Out, damned spot! Out, I say!"

    Lady MacBeth

  33. It's the capital of Latvia.

    Riga (I wouldn't have got it)

  34. In 2013 Susan Bennett was revealed to be the original voice of this iPhone assistant.

    Siri (I wouldn't have got it)

  35. The Pilgrims formed Plymouth colony & this religious group founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony.


  36. At age 70, he was put on trial for "not believing in the gods of the state believes in."


  37. His books included "Diet Revolution", "New Diet Revolution" & "Health Revolution."

    You made a slot for him! (Atkins)

  38. The name of this jawbone is from the Latin for "to chew."


  39. Located at the south end of the Bosphorus, it's the only major city to lie on 2 continents: Asia and Europe.


  40. This author's "House of the Seven Gables" tells of the cursed Pyncheon family.

    Nathaniel Hawthorne (I wouldn't have got it)

  41. Often issued in times of war, this order prohibits ships or goods from leaving a port.


  42. 3 friends are thrown into a fiery furnace in this biblical book.


  43. Since 1975 this new year's college bowl game has been played at the Superdome in New Orleans.

    Sugar Bowl

  44. "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" completed the trilogy about a hacker from this country.


  45. It's the learning disability in which sufferers reverse words like "was" & "saw"


  46. The French Revolution: During this Bloody period of the revolution, at least 17,000 people were executed.

    Reign of Terror

  47. This senator's memoir "An American Son" covers his family's journey from Cuba to Florida.

    Marco Rubio

  48. The Western Hemisphere: The West Indian island of Aruba is a self-governing part of this European country.

    The Netherlands

  49. Robert Bloch based this motel owner in his novel "Psycho" on convicted Wisconsin killer Ed Gein.

    Norman Bates

  50. Hairstyle described as "business in the front, party in the back."

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I'm taking the challenge tomorrow night. I'll report back, but I dunno about reporting all the questions. Holy cow! Did you do a screen capture every 20 seconds?
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