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October 20th, 2013 at 2:45:53 PM permalink
After forecasting the likely scenerio of a much worse hurricane season than normal this season is coming in as one of the quitest in history. Washington Post.

I find it interesting how noisy things get among the climate change zealots when we have extreme weather, and how quiet it is when the world isn't reacting as they predict. But as I actually believe in science when it is unbiased I am willing to put this hurricane season down to variance or more likely, our science is not even close to fully understanding our planets climate.

The response of the hurricane forecasters is that their model needs to be tweaked to add input for some other factors and so as to try and not be such a bust again. What they don't say is that our prediction was valid and we don't to change our theories.

I contrast this answer to the climate change zealots answer for why we are currently not experiencing global warming at anywhere close to the level predicted. Their answer is we need to tweak our model to fit the facts but we do not need to re-visit our conclusions or predictions.
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