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Quote: Mosca

The one that I could have gotten hooked on within a day or so was the Dilaudid. Inject.... Boom. I almost stopped breathing, it was so intensely warm and relaxing. I talked them into a second hit, but they wouldn't give me a third right before discharge. Damn.

Oh yeah, I loved that one too! I was getting it IV when I had a pancreatitis attack last year. Damn, that was good!
I was there for almost a week, and they did not mind giving it to me as often as I asked. At some point I realized, that I wasn't in pain for while, but still kept asking for it every 6 hours or so ... That was a scary realization.
No, I am not addicted, but I would sure not refuse another shot right now :)
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If you can inflate / deflate / totally remove it, then it seems to be no more than a brace of sorts, which I had when I broke my wrist. I'm not sure biologically how wrist bones relate to ankle bones, but the particular bone I broke was the worst, as it is small and receives little blood flow. I was warned that any additional stress could quite possibly injure it to the point of needing surgery, and surgery was already quite likely as it was due to the blood flow issue. Funny thing is, it was over a month later until I was fitted with the actual hard plaster cast. If so fragile, why the wait? Anyways, I took the brace off every day in the first month, whenever I so felt like it, and even when it was on it was on quite loose. Just tight enough to prevent extreme movement if I happened to bang it off something. And as I said, the rigid cast bothered me so bad I cut it off after 4 days, so this oh so fragile bone that would almost definately require surgery had the minimum of support througout the whole ordeal, and I was still out 4-wheeling a week after being cleared. It's always my opinion that Dr's are on the side of utmost (and sometimes ridiculous)caution, but be reasonable in your disobeying of their advice.

I wouldnt worry too much about 'damaging' it by taking off the boot for showering or for dressing. Id say having it off only opens you up to the risk of banging it off of something, or catching a toe in the pant leg and cranking it, in which case it wont be supported and THAT could damage it. I assume this is a partial break? As in the bone did not snap completely in half? If by some chance it was a complete break, leave it on always for about the first 2 weeks so the bones are lined up and can fuse properly. Otherwise, take it off when you want but be careful not to bang it. It only takes one time to F* it up royally.

I would not walk on it at this point, but know plenty who have. I'd just think that normal walking may be fine, but if you trip or slip or stumble, reflex is going to kick in and your going to plant on the bad leg and jack yourself up. If you trip and slip while not using it, chances are you wont use it in the fall. I guess thats up to you.

And back to moving it, I wouldn't for the time being. I didnt mean to imply that rehab starts now, but just wanted to warn of the danger of never moving it until cleared. I'd imagine that right now is so soon after the injury that any movement hurts like hell anyways, so just don't. Do give it time to heal, but DO NOT just let it hang loose for 6 - 8 weeks straight. And when you do move it, I really am talking small increments. Imagine your finger placed on the spacebar, then imagine the distance moved once you press it. Nothing so extreme you risk re-injury, but even that little movement, done consistently, will dramatically reduce your recovery time. I'd rather have a bone rebroken by hand sans painkillers than have to go through atrophy pain again.
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There are many different types and specific bones and specific sites on the bones that are called 'broken ankles'. I can only tell you how often the surgeon tells me in preop ' this idiot was told not to put weight on it for 6 weeks but 3 weeks later he was walking on it....' and now he needs surgery.... As a doctor, friends often ask me for advice, hoping I will contradict what their doctor has told them. Almost uniformly, my advice is this- If for some reason you do not trust what your doctor has told you, seek a second opinion from someone in the needed specialty, but, really, is it that you don't trust his judjment or you were just hoping to hear something else? As this is a gambler's forum, think of it this way, what is the EV of not following his instructions versus following them? As far as the painkillers, take them if you are in pain, and you will not get addicted to them. The first time you take one because of another reason, watch out...

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