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I am planning to shoot some videos with Angela next week. On the idea list is some Frequently Asked Questions videos. These are easy to do and gives Angela a clear role.

Here are some questions I have thought of for slots, video poker, and blackjack. Any other you care to recommend?

Slot Machines

1. How do slot machines work?
2. Do the odds change if you use a player card?
3. Can somebody flip a switch elsewhere in the casino to change the odds on the machine you’re playing?
4. Where do casinos place the loosest slots?
5. Do casinos tighten their slots when business is busy and loosen them when it’s slow?
6. Is there a predetermined order of bet outcomes? For example, if I quit playing and the next player hits a jackpot on the next spin, would I have got that jackpot if I made one more bet?
7. What type of slots pay the best?
8. Some tribal casinos have slots that seem to have something to do with bingo. What is going on with that?
9. I once hit a jackpot and they demanded my identification and Social Security number. Why did they do that?
10. Do I have to pay taxes on jackpots?
11. How can I win more, or lose less, on slots?
12. What is the tipping etiquette on a jackpot?

Video Poker

1. How do video poker machines work?
2. Do all video poker machines play fairly, as in Nevada?
3. Does it matter which cards I hold? In other words, is my final hand after the draw predestined?
4. Do my odds change if I use a player card?
5. Does the pay table make any difference?
6. What type of game, for example Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, has the best odds?
7. What is the proper strategy for which cards to hold?
8. Where are the best machines?
9. What has better odds, video poker or slots?
13. Are the cards on the draw predestined? If so, are they lined up or a specific replacement card for each card on the deal?
14. Are the odds/strategy different for multi-play video poker?
15. What is the tipping etiquette on a jackpot?


1. How does the house have the advantage in blackjack?
2. What do you think of the strategy of playing like the dealer, hitting until I get to 17? Wouldn’t I have a small advantage, getting paid 3-2 on blackjacks, while losing only even money when the dealer gets one?
3. How do those card shuffling machines work?
4. Does a bad player cause the whole table to lose?
5. Should I make the side bets?
6. When should I take insurance?
7. Should I take even money on a blackjack against a dealer ace?
8. What blackjack rules are important in choosing where to play?
9. What is the strategy for how to play blackjack?
10. How did you determine the “basic strategy?”
11. What hands are most frequently misplayed?
12. Is the strategy the same for blackjack variants, like Spanish 21 and Blackjack Switch?
13. I’ve used the basic strategy and sometimes the other players don’t like it, blaming me when they lose. How should I handle that situation?
14. What is the proper tipping etiquette?

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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If I win at a casino am I responsible for declaring it as income on my taxes if it wasn't a jackpot?

Most novices will assume they do not have to declare it if they don't get a W2G.
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Quote: Wizard

...Any other you care to recommend?...

How should a recreational blackjack player report his winnings for tax paying purposes if he takes the standard deduction? That is, does he report winning session profits and ignore losing sessions? Or are there other ways to do it?
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Whats the difference between Nevada style games and video lottery machines and where will I encounter VLMs?
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Although you know the answers to these questions already, don’t wing it. And don’t write a script for your replies either. Have index card size cue cards with billet points of what you wanna say.
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For blackjack: Can I use a strategy card at the table or will that get me in trouble? Is there a difference between a printed strategy card and looking at one on my phone?

Why does the basic strategy often say to hit or double on a soft 18? Isn’t that a good hand? I risk catching a card like a 5 and then I’m much worse off.

Your basic strategy charts recommend different strategies for 1 deck vs 2 decks vs 4-8 decks. When a CSM is used, which strategy do I use? Do I need to ask the pit boss how many decks are in the CSM or do they typically all use a certain number of decks?
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I would ask something about the usual comp rates for slots versus video poker and maybe something about getting rated for blackjack and comparing it to other table games for comping. If people are risking X number of dollars or have budgeted X number of dollars for loss, what games offer the best comp rates? Something like that.
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Why is Limit Omaha hold'em the game for me?

Pot Limit Omaha vs No Limit Texas Holdem Poker
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Good questions. Please keep them coming.
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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I would mention that 6:5 blackjack is a very bad deal and should be avoided, and explain why. For the casual tourist or "recreational" gambler, the lure of a low-limit table with 6:5 blackjack might seem to be a better deal than a higher-limit 3:2 game, but if your viewer is willing to drill down into some FAQs, there is at least some attitude to being better informed.

6:5 is the worst "improvement" in the game of all time. People who take the time to learn should be told about it.

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