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Quote: Wizard

Padre, I don't know if you know, but I'm an avid license plate collector. One of the toughest international plates to get, probably THE toughest, is the Vatican.

Any chance you can pull some strings?

Considering the reaction of some clergy and religious organisations to the popularising of one particular wizard (ie, Harry Potter), I wonder what the reaction of someone in the Vatican would be to FrGamble's request for a Wizard friend of his? ;)
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Quote: EvenBob

Just take a screwdriver in your luggage, and, well, you know...
Its for a good cause.

It's what Jesus would do.
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Padre, here is a link to what Vatican license plates look like:

I certainly can't condone a screwdriver acquisition, but you'll make a heathen very happy if perhaps the Vatican Department of Mother Vehicles has an old one laying around. That is how I got some nice ones from the Bahamas once.
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Quote: Wizard

Vatican Department of Mother Vehicles has an old one laying around.

I think you meant the Vatican Department of Blessed Mother Vehicles.
I have a bewitched egg that I use to play VP with and I have net over 900k with it.
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Quote: Wizard

... the Vatican Department of Mother Vehicles ...

Mother vehicles?

It's incredible how the biggest belly laughs can come from typos...
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Mother vehicles?

It's incredible how the biggest belly laughs can come from typos...

Its the Vatican, shouldn't it be Father Vehicles?
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Back from the Consistory and running on empty after a busy Ash Wednesday. It was an awesome experience and I got to spend some good time with the two new American Cardinals. They are very different but such blessings to the Church, truly "Princes of the Church". If you haven't heard Cardinal Dolan from New York preach you really should check out some of his videos or recorded homilies on the Archdiocese of New York website.

By the way Wiz I found out that it is harder than I expected to get a Vatican License Plate. Even if you technically live in extra-terriotorial Vatican property or work at the Vatican you still can't register your car there. You have to actually live at the Vatican or the car has to be owned by the Vatican itself. I do have a lead with one of the drivers of the Cardinal who said that when he has to renew their license plate (didn't know when) he would see if he could keep it for me (doesn't know if he can). The Swiss Guard would not let me go to the Vatican's Blessed Mother Vechicle department. Sorry I couldn't get one for you this trip.

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