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It's not no bust, but I can bet banker:

There is a casino near my home called Garden City, the blackjack over here called 21 centry 21.5 Blackjack. It's at Saratoga, Santa Clara. Southern California.
The rules in this casino is the worst I've ever seen. 8 decks, BJ 6:5, 1 dollar collection fee per 100 dollars, No DAS, No RSA, H17, 50%Pen... I can't imigine the house edge in this casino. Therefore, I only eat dinner and train my card tracking skill in here.

But I found that if I bet once, I can bet banker twice. Last month, I saw a guy surrendered on 16 against 7, hitted 11 against 6. There are a lot of this kind of newbies.
So I tried to seek out the worst player on the table, and if there are a lot of noobs on the table, wong in @ -1 count or less, play a 5 dollars(minimum) bet plus 1 dollar collection fee, and bet banker twice may be worth?
Can I get positive EV by using this strategy? I think this might be the only way to beat the blackjack under shitty California rules. Actually, it's not beat, it's taking edge from newbies.

Another question, does shuffle tracking really work nowadays? I saw some casino use a new shoe instead of the shoe just finished. Is there anybody really track dealer's shuffling? If it works, I think it might be more effective than counting cards.

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