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Quote: FleaStiff

Presently, Craps can be offered on a day boat out of Fort Myers Beach about two hours south of the Tampa Hard Rock casino but that day boat only offers craps from Thursday Evening through Sunday Evening. Roulette is available on all sailings but I don't believe I've ever seen much action there. The nautical BJ is dealt fast. The nautical craps is at a fast pace too. The boat is largely slot machines and I've no idea if the Moss Marine's Big M Casino boat out of Fort Myers Beach is any sort of bargain when compared to the Seminole casino offerings for slot machines and blackjack.

Wow, that reminds me of the way Indiana riverboats used to be. The boats would actually sail, and you had to buy a ticket to reserve a spot on a boat that sailed at a certain time. I think you could stay on it through subsequent cruises, but if you ran out of money or got bored while it was sailing you had to wait for it to get back to shore. The boats on the Ohio River also had to stay on the Indiana half of the river or the Kentucky Boat Police would arrest them. Yeah, the good old days.
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Well, in Florida its simply that the boat can only offer dance music and charity bingo while in US waters. It has to be twelve miles out into the Gulf before the gambling begins and they sail 15 miles out to make sure before they start the gambling. You can't buyin or cashout in USA waters either, so if you get on some really hot roll towards the end, you have to take another voyage to cash any chips you didn't cash the first time. The BigM Casino Boat serves alcohol in the casino while in international waters and sells alcohol in the dancefloor/bingoarea bar.

I doubt the Seminoles are much concerned about the BigM though. The Seminole casinos are open 24/7.

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