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Quote: heatmap

my girlfriend is a psycho when it comes to grammar. need proof reading lol? come to think of it she hates my infatuation with gambling she would never read it. dangit i almost got a preview there in my imagination.

My mother was a proofreader for a publishing company and sadly my grammar is still terrible.
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Quote: DRich

My mother was a proofreader for a publishing company and sadly my grammar is still terrible.

Maybe your grandma would have been better if your mother didn't waste all that time reading.
The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction is supposed to make sense.
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Quote: billryan

Maybe your grandma would have been better if your mother didn't waste all that time reading.

I canít tell if that was intentional.
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Quote: DRich

My mother was a proofreader for a publishing company and sadly my grammar is still terrible.

i have a feeling that your grammar on average - is alot better than mine - who takes his main grammar from a cartoon show

i shit you not i have an odd need to speak exactly like this in real life and my girlfriend hates it

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Quote: darkoz

This one is dead for about a year now. I was waiting to see if it would restart but nope, not gonna happen.

I made so much money off this move but I won't go into how much. There were operational costs of course. But the dough was rolling in.

The first NY AP move involved E-games specifically Craps. This second move involved slots.

I had three major operations going at three different NY Racinos. All dead now. SMH!

First I will discuss the move itself.

Secondly how it differed for each of the three locations

And finally how they each died (and all in the same year) an ignominious death.

As this is a long post, you can stop at each of the three parts and come back later or just read it all at once. I hope you find it compelling.

Unlike certain other threads which are clear fiction on this forum, this one I attest is a true accounting


Because of racinos being controlled by NYS lottery, the Freeplay comes on vouchers printed at kiosks. There is no download of Freeplay into slots.

The expiration dates were for some reason not the same day although it was apparently chosen by the casinos themselves as each of the three operations had different expirations.

These were generous expirations ranging from one week to two months.

The vouchers also had very little oversight into the metadata. I.E. no one was looking to see who's Freeplay was being used on who's card

The move was simply this.

Armed with dozens of "Freeplay Active" cards, voucher pullers would go through and print the vouchers. Depending on expiration dates, they would deliver the weeks/month of vouchers to me just shy of their expiration

The vouchers would be divvied up to equal the coin-in required to generate more offers on new cards

Attack the slots and achieve necessary coin-in using freeplay. Generally the Freeplay might not equal full coin-in but the final coin-in necessary would just be some additional play-through requirements using the very same cash won from the Freeplay.

For example if there was a $12,500 coin-in required for a certain level of offers, my people would play on a card armed with$10,000 in freeplay vouchers culled from a bunch of different players cards.

Walking in with $10,000 freeplay, leaving with $8,000 cash (and another player's card all setup for the cycle to continue)

Welcome my friends to the Freeplay that never ends.

Resorts World casino in Aqueduct, Yonkers Empire casino and Monticello casino were my primary targets which I hit for years.

And then came 2019 followed by 2020. Two tumultuous years. It's a testament to how well I did beforehand that I have kept the sinking ship afloat as one by one each operation came crashing down.



Here the vouchers expired every two weeks but in a mass accumulated fashion which is probably not the best description.

Vouchers printed on the first of the month expired on/about the 15th. Once you knew the set expiration of the vouchers printed on the first you knew they all were going to expire now on the 15th. Vouchers printed on the 3rd, 4th, of the month all the way to the vouchers printed on the 15th would all expire on the 15th.

So between two weeks and same day depending on day printed

We had hook up points on expiration days to exchange vouchers and get the freeplay rolling on new cards.


All vouchers expired at end of the week on a Sunday. The Freeplay wasn't as generous and the expiration was shorter so we had many more cards for this operation such that the coin-in requirements could be met from each weeks total freeplay.

However, there were other aspects that made MONTICELLO so lucrative.

1) Unlike Resorts World, they never recognized the necessity of linking the kiosks to the ADT. I didn't need a large number of new people but could keep the same cards recycled.

2) There was only one bank of kiosks to print vouchers right at the main entrance where security had a booth. We printed out thousands of vouchers over the years from dozens of cards without a peep from surveillance or security. I mean if you wanted to measure the "heat" in Monticello I would rate it somewhere near the North Pole.


This baby was my pride and joy.

Early on they shut down operations by making people have to show ID to get freeplay vouchers when they realized multi-carding was going on.

This was too unwieldy. Players were spending two hours in line for $10 freeplay. They finally made it thus.

$100+ Freeplay required ID. Amounts lower could be printed at kiosks.

The Freeplay here expired in the most generous expiration of the last day of the successive month.

Ex. All vouchers printed in September would expire on October 31st.

Man, I can't even explain how lucrative that was. Just try to imagine.

But if you are thinking I made sure to keep vouchers below $100 so I could print at kiosks, you would be wrong. I wanted the gusto!

I went for the highest vouchers I could get. $200 freeplay which required ID. I had locals whose job was to go, show their ID, collect their Freeplay and hand it to me at the end of the month.

My expenses were higher as I had to pay people to do their own individual pickups but I made up for it in volume. I had about two dozen workers at the height of the operation.

Oh and before I forget, Empire Casino also failed to link the kiosks to ADT. So it was the same two dozen people going year round to collect their offers.

If you don't fully understand the high I got off this operation, let me be clear. Everyone was using their own player's card to pickup their own offers. No one was violating any rules of handing their cards to someone else for their offers. And they were showing ID to do it. All official within the casino printed rules

And I only had to show up a few times to maintain cards offers since everyone else was picking up their own vouchers.

I hoped Yonkers, of all the places would last forever but alas, along came 2019. Not a good year!



2019 started off with a big robbery of my apartment. I wrote about it in my AP NIGHTMARE thread.

If that was like striking an iceberg, there was no way my Titanic operation was going to sink from the robbery alone.

But then just like one by one, the tanks blew on the Titanic, I watched as my operations sunk under the ocean.

January 2019 - my AP NIGHTMARE!

February 2019. Just one month after the robbery, the owners of the Monticello Casino announced they were closing to help drive business to their nearby Catskills resort.

This was in clear violation of their contract with the Monticello racetrack owners and horse operation but they apparently felt emboldened enough not to care. What was the state going to do about it anyway?

They gave two months notice to customers but one week notice that all future freeplay offers would now be honored at the Catskills location (where my NY AP move didn't work as offers needed to be downloaded).

Nothing to be done about it. Crash and burn!


Honestly I saw this one coming so my losses were a bit mitigated. All my pickup people collecting their own vouchers were warned in advance to expect a retaliation and funny not one believed me. After all they were all showing their own ID to pickup what was sent to them in the mail under their own names. Why would a casino renege on promises. Oh, how innocent they were.

2018 came the announcement that Empire Casino was being purchased by MGM. My heart sank! Still you hope for the best.

The purchase went through in February of 2019 (while MONTICELLO was closing it's doors upstate). It only took one month for the MGM executives to recognize what was happening (I truly wish I could have witnessed their horrified faces when they examined the data. My imagination will have to suffice)

March 23rd, 2019, all my people, one by one showed up and were told their offers were cancelled and they were under investigation for fraud!

(The irony of accusing players who used their own cards of fraud, lol. Now it's fraud to use your own player's card to pickup offers? Casino Management told my people the police had been called in. Of course no charges were ever filed because no fraud was committed.)

Another crash and burn! Three months in 2019 and I had suffered three consecutive financial blows.

But Resorts World was still going strong.


The only thorn in my side at Resorts World was a damn employee stealing my Freeplay. Periodically, a few pins would suddenly not work.

I would have to send down my people to fix the pin and always that days offers would be gone!

I knew from past experience what that meant. A rogue employee was changing the pins so he could access my Freeplay. Once the pin was fixed he was effectively stopped but if he had already grabbed that days offers I was out of luck.

My people couldn't complain because security would monitor the card and surveillance would see my people picking up offers as well. Essentially, I would wind up flagging my own people if we complained about any missing offers.

Then in April a strange thing happened. Three of my cards were flagged. I know because Resorts World code for a surveillance flag is right on the card when you insert into the slot. (They don't tell you the meaning of the code but I hit them so many years I just know).

"Out of Bounds" in case you are wondering btw. If you insert a Player card into a slot at Resorts World and get the message "Out of Bounds" your card has been flagged.

The flag becomes active once the player approaches the customer service desk to complain. I knew that too so my voucher pullers were safe from surveillance as the surveillance hadn't started upon inserting the card into the slot machine.

I sent in the three players to question what was going on. I knew I would be unable to ever use their cards again (they would activate the surveillance flag when they approached customer service) but I needed answers to what was happening. They were each notified of "an internal incident" that involved their cards on a specific date I knew none of my people were even in the Casino. Security wanted to verify their identities and addresses.

And I knew from that what had happened. This damned rogue employee had been caught printing out my stolen offers. Seeing them so high, Casino security assumed the accounts were fake and the Freeplay was some type of insider upload.

Once they verified these were real players, they naturally wanted to know how the offers were obtained. Too much coincidence they all had similar play-through.

Well, it only took a month more for them to figure it out. They made it impossible to earn offers from freeplay and even made it incredibly difficult to get offers any other way (at least not in an advantageous way).

Just another crash and burn!

Within five months, four major financial blows. Tank after tank blown and the ship was sinking.


Those operations are dead.

Monticello is closed.

Resorts World don't you dare use freeplay for offers. You won't even get a calendar in the mail.

Empire, they linked the kiosks and put other safety protocols in place making it a negative expectation to hunt for comps

And me? I spent much of the remainder of 2019 setting up operations in other locales, moving around my people as needed. I obviously can't talk about those here.

Everything was ready to go full steam in March of 2020.

I joked about saving the Titanic to my people. And then Covid hit and all my operations shut down..

It felt like saving the Titanic from the Iceberg only to be struck amidships by the Lusitania.

Anyway it's worked out in the long run.

But the NY AP move that did me so well is history!
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Appears to me and in my opinion only and I stress in my opinion only, I am translating everything that you wrote to extreme frustration and possibly hatred of casinos.

I tried to learn from your thread but I donít see much there that I can personally learn from. On the other hand I might be stupid and put into the imbecile class. So be it.

I like to go into the casino, hit them for a few few hands, smack them a little bit, make money and leave.

Personally I donít see much of a value in a $7.99 blanket or a pair of pots and pans that you can pick up at the dollar store for less than $10.00.
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Thanks for this post from:
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I also.dont see any value in $7.99 blankets or pots and pans.

Since I didn't mention those in my post about Freeplay I have to assume your entire response is based on your not reading the original post and trying to be insulting instead.
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Quote: darkoz

I also.dont see any value in $7.99 blankets or pots and pans.

Since I didn't mention those in my post about Freeplay I have to assume your entire response is based on your not reading the original post and trying to be insulting instead.
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MC only exposes himselelf to people in the know.

Anyone in the know reading his supposed job title can say, "I don't believe you". with great confidence.
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